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Do you snore or drool when you sleep?

Well i dont constantly Drool,But i have woken up at times felling y pillow wet,I just ignore and move my head.

But i also Talk in my Sleep(Screaming) about anything m,ostly sounds as if i was fighting someone.😲
I sometimes talk too.... normally when I'm sick. I can hold a conversation hehe 😌 The other night I was apparently snoring softly (rare for me) and my hubby was awake and whispered "you're snoring" I answered "no I'm not" I have no memory of this whatsoever!! :D I feel pretty clever I can answer back even in my sleep hehe
haha my cousin can actually hear and remember everything that goes on when she is sleeping...its wierd...one night I snuck in her room and said 4 numbers and then the next morning before I even said anything she repeated the numbers to me.

freaky, I talk, drool, move around, and snore... snore incredibly loud... oh god i'd make a horrible person to sleep with (a wife that is)... haha hey nzueda me and u share the same ability, i tell everyone to wake me up at like 6:30 AM, and i wake up really late (5 or so in the after noon) and everyone says they all went in my room to wake me up (i live with my aunts and uncles) and i have no recollection whatsoever and they said i responded each time, said "i'm up its okay"
hahahaha i also say funny stuff in my sleep like, last year, my cousin was on my comp while i was sleeping, and he heard me say

"putong putong putong" hahahahhahahaa i dont even know what that means...

then my other cousin, who recently was over, said that 2 days ago, i said

"You F'ing spinach" when i woke up, he told me and i said "I'm not freaking popeye" haha
Wife says...

I sound like a chain saw. Flip the mattress once a week to let the drool drain off. Wife often ducks for cover, farts sound like gun shots!! Spin covers around me so I look like giant eggroll, leave wife naked and freezing!! Wake everyone while getting up to empty the ol bladder once an hour; wife and cats all hiss at me !! Old age is fun !!


eto... I gues same as Mashu... but there was once I was talking and following my sis downstairs...
I drool if I fall asleep in class... or something is akwardly opening my mouth while sleeping (like If I was sleeping on my arm)

I once fell asleep during class with this hot girl beside me... I think I made a drool puddle in front of her. Luckily we were friends and she later claimed not to see it.
in Chinese medical

if you drool when you sleep,
it means your liver is weak or there is something wrong with your liver.
So, my liver is obviously rather weak.
I almost always drool in my sleep (snoring only when lying on my back), though not very much.

When I'm in a train & so tired that I'll probably fall asleep, I prop my chin on my hand to keep my mouth shut.
:D great topic-
well, i deny to snore, but i think i do drool sometimes, and i think i often make this snuffing sound..like i was a little animal or something :p
And sometimes i also talk..and do other weird things..
my cousin makes this weird noise when he sleeps (he sleeps over and i can witness this because he stays up all nite while i, fall asleep easy around 9pm hah) its like this weird noise like a creaky chair or something with his eyes, its annoying cuz he does it like every few seconds..
LoL I drool alot I can make a puddle just drooling,sleep talk and move around alot hehe I got sleep issues haha
Haha... I drool only when I'm absolutely dead-tired... I prob maintain the same side position the whole nite with the mouth slightly agape...
Luckily drool doesn't seem to stink..

i only drool when I am very tired or had too much to drink. there was one time when i was sleeping and my girlfriend said I was saying, "oooo yeah baby". She told me this the next day and I was like what you lying. I don't talk in myself. There was another time when I had a bad dream and I woke up yelling 'NO' and fighting with my blanket. Then I looked around to make sure no one heard me. I felt so stupid.
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