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Do you live to work or do you work to live ?


Mad Bee Hatch
9 Aug 2003
I was recently told off by my manager because I stated the only reason I did my job was for the pay check at the end of the month.
I worked on a catalogue order line. For six hours I had to repeat the same script over and over again without a pause between calls, whilst selling anything I could by bombarding them with offers through the call till they gave in to get rid of you.
A third of my customers were so thick they couldn't even get there own postcodes correct !

Why else would ANYONE do such rubbish job if not for the pay check ?

So what about you ?

Do you live to work or do you work to live ?
Be Your Own Boss !!

I love my job !! In home care nursing you are on your own pretty much. You become close friends with really nice people who need a helping hand. You can feel good about helping someone stay out of a hospital or nursing home. You're appreciated by the family because they get a break while you're there helping. I usually stay with my patients for a year or more and have a great time when I'm with them. There are of course negative aspects like any job but the good feeling you get helping someone makes them easy to ignore!

well i work for the check (who doesnt) but i do enjoy my job i work at a music store, kinda the perfect job for me, if i wasnt there id be either playing music or listning to it so might as well get paid to do it 😏
Well, I'm a university student and don't really work right now. I plan all the time to make some websites for people, but somehow I can't pull myself together to go on the search of people who need websites... ah well
Ideally, I suppose finding a happy medium of both would be the most one could hope for (get paid well for doing something you enjoy/love) in addition to job security. I feel for you Rachel, lol. After reading about your current situation, the first thing that came to my mind was "been there, done that."
why else would anyone want to do that besides the fact that they get paid for it. i couldnt stand doing something like that. i have to enjoy my job somewhat otherwise i start having attendance problems.
I did telemarketing for a while and HATED it. It's so tiring to talk continuously for hours plus my boss was a jerk. I would've quit if they hadn't offered me a job in a different department doing work I actually enjoyed to some degree.

Unfortunately I had to quit after a year because of health problems, so it's so nice to be back at work here in Japan doing some private teaching. I love it! It feels great to be working again - it's an awful feeling wanting to work but being unable to.
Originally posted by Rachel

A third of my customers were so thick they couldn't even get there own postcodes correct !
My supervisor and colleagues in the library cataloguing dept tend to be slightly thick as well, :eek: so you certainly have my sympathies there, Rachel. And a culture that is way too laid back and conservative for my taste.....the only saving grace being the routinization of the work -- and those darn Japanese tapes I get to listen to for up to 6 hours a day at times 👍 :)
well... I do enjoy my work pretty much... I'm on my own so it makes it easier to choose something I like

I'd love to go live to Japan, but probably won't for some time, gotta do some stuff here before leaving...

anyway, yeah, your work for the money most of the time, but don't stop trying to find one you enjoy

Neither at the moment, since I'm presently unemployed. But I have learned over the years to live to work instead of working to live. Right now, however, I'd like to just WORK!! 😄
I like the job that i do....although i wouldn't mind maybe doing it at another place.. .. im getting the feelings of it could be time for a change of scenery sort of thing.

I basically work for the pay-cheque i guess.. ..so i can save up and go to japan. ;)

I ended up being railroaded out of my job in the end, so I'm now looking to go into graphic design, doing flyers, posters, cd covers, cards and layout, conversion and clean up work.
I'm feed up with being dumped on by overweight, obnoxious office managers who try and look busy by harrasing the staff instead of doing any real work.
Time to be my own boss I think. 👍
Boy, I hear ya, Rachel. I'm fed up with rotten employers too. In fact, I took my last employers before the Labor Commission last May and kicked their collective butts!! And I have to say, that definitely felt good!! (Especially since they were all lawyers!) Ahhh, justice!! :p
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