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The humor is what made it better. I mean, a guy crossdressing in order to get a job at a school, not to mention one of the younger girl students falling in love with him? it's great. And no, those aren't spoilers. the realtionship can be 'seen'.
Well, I feel better buying MOST of my stuff. Movie wise. Downloadping MP3's is fine by me, but movies are another thing. Unless it's sometihng that 4kids screwed up. Then I download fansubs :D
I loved it, still havent seen the last ep tho, must do (been saying that for at least 2 years.... sniff)
the last ep is very diferent from the rest he shows that he is a he and then non of the students reay care and so he stays as a guy
It was a relatively entertaining series.

Just an FYI: I recently stumbled upon Shinmeiryu's triple post (and deleted two of them). In the event that something similar should happen in the future I would appreciate it if someone could send me a pm notifying me so I can delete the mistakes (and you can earn brownie points /w me in the process 8-p). Thnx.
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gah..server issues or click one too many times? ah well, I know that the show itself is like most any other. Humor and the whole relationship thing, as well as more humor inolving the old bat woman AKA landlord.
thank you "sniff" thank all of you so much.

ha ha ha ive never hade this many people reply to me before
I saw a volume of IMMSE on the shelves at Suncoast today...seems pretty unique. A guy cosplaying as a girl...and it goes from there. Textbook. :)
From what I saw, Strawberry Eggs seemed pretty cute. (At my friend's house) Maybe I'll go to Suncoast sometime this week and buy it... (Not before NGE:Director's Cut, though. :D )
Has anyone every been that desperate for a job, though, to dress up as someone from th opposite sex?
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