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Do you like Tatami Matting?

Do you like Tatami matting?

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18 Dec 2007
I love the stuff as it has a real special feel and smeel to it..

It was my first Japanese object that I became curious about upon landing in my home.

I grew to love it.. Whilst we didn't sleep on a Futon, it still felt great walking on it with bare feet..

Why do you or don't you like it?

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I love it. I would love to have it in my house. I always sit on the floor. Just yesterday my husband noticed while vacuuming that I have worn a "butt" print on the carpeting.😊 I always sit in one place on the floor. When I am at my in laws I sleep so well on the futon, and I can smell the earthy-ness of the tatami. I don't know though how easy it is to maintain or clean?
For some reason tatami is special to me. I love sleeping on it in a futon and enjoy sitting on them. Also I love the smell.

It is sad that in Japan today there are many condos being built that do not even have a Japanese room with tatamis! When I move back I will make sure that my condo/apartment/house has at least one tatami mat room with a table and an alcove. But I would prefer a traditional one where all the rooms are tatami matted.
Count me in for no. The stuff stinks after you leave a window slightly ajar on a raining day, moisture gets in and especially in summer it stinks the whole house up. When you sit on the floor, depending on which way the fibre is pointing you will never get a confortable sitting postion, b/c either your *** slips when sitting against a wall and going with the grain or your feet do(B/C you are wearing socks) I can just never get confortable on the stuff.
We have 2 rooms with tatami, one covered with carpet for now because it's our living room and we decided we did not wanted to have that one with tatami.

I love tatami rooms with the paper doors, and a nabe on the fire in the middle of the room!
I love tatami! The smell of fresh tatami matt is very refreshing to me, and it seems like tatami matts stay fairly clean for a longer time compared to, say the carpet by just sweeping them.

One of the favorite things to do in my childhood was to take a nap directly on tatami and waking up with the pattern on my cheek.
My in-laws have tatami floors and paper walls on the original first (actually 2nd) level of their home. The upstairs rooms are tatami but regular walls. I think the sliding paper doors are really cool, not very private though!
Yes, tatamis are a wonderfull idea from the japanese people!
Its not so old, by the way. . .

But for me it is the smell of straw and hay, and this always also brings back childhood memories. . .of nature, countryside, feeling good and an often playfull together with everything around.
I also love to walk on them barefooted! Its so healthy too!

When in Japan as an artist in residence, I had a big traditional house on my own (another time I shared the very same house with another artist friend), that once belonged to a doctor, and most rooms were tatami rooms!
We also had a beautifull inner yard and often left the sliding doors open and just sat or lied or worked on the tatamis, while the air was breathing through the whole house and the view made us feel so one with everything once more!

It was simply wonderfull! I miss it very much. . .it is this feeling, of living with nature, not against it or separated from it.

Organic organisation. . . if organised, thats what I like most then, anyhow.
Thats me, just me, and I am as much part of everything.
For me it is a clear no. They stink, they are difficult to keep free of vermin and they are, to me at least, uncomfortable. Where I live, we still have a few rooms with tatami matting (and paper walls). The mats are covered, though, for now and I will replace them with proper "flooring", as soon as I come round to renovate them one by one.

I admit, though, tatami rooms are very nice to look at from a distance, as long as I don't have to live in one.
My condo has a tatami room next to the dining room (that room is empty as I have not yet fully utilized my condo's space). Are there differences between the new and traditional tatami rooms? I heard the new condos tend to have a smaller tatami board.
I liked the Tatami room we stayed in. It was a nice soft feel under the feet. It seems like a good compromise between soft carpet (whose main function is dirt magnet - have you seen what comes out of it when you use a water-based carpet cleaner?!?) and hard floors which are ridiculously easy to keep clean, but nor very comfortable to sit on.
I like it. Its very clean-cut and Japanese. The only issue is having to replace every few years. That can get expensive.
I like tatami as well. Although it can smell at times, I actually find the smell to be... relaxing. I feel that the texture of the mat too is conducive to relaxing, well at least for me. But, I tend to like things that are "abnormal" (e.g. I prefer the sound of Cantonese to Mandarin - even my Cantonese-speaking friends prefer the sound of Mandarin!).
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