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Do you know "See Saw" resp. Yuki Kajiura


12 Sep 2003
Hi there
I enjoyed the anime series .hack//sign very much and i love the soundtrack.
Is See Saw a very popular band in japan? Is Yuki Kajiura the singer of that band? I can't find a website in english, so any informations would be appreciated.

Yuki Kajiura is the lead composer of that duo with Chiaki Ishikawa providing the vocals, though Yuki does sing background. Under her solo projects, she usually has others for vocals.

Check out some articles from AniFactor, Anime Jump or Anime on DVD for more info on Yuki Kajiura. Her personal English website is: http://www.fictionjunction.com/index2.html
Thanks a lot Shinmeiryu

Do you know of any solo- or other projects of Chiaki Ishikawa?

None that I know of. All of her history has been with See-Saw.

Her vocals really gel well with Kajiura's compostions, much like Maaya Sakamoto with Yoko Kanno, but Maaya's albums are usually released under her name only unlike as a band name, though Kanno is well known in her own right. See-Saw was around before Kajiura and Ishikawa joined and they now remain the only two.

I wouldn't bypass the possibility of her Ishikawa coming out her with her own solo projects, but for now she is involved in other ventures and of course her role as lead vocalist of the band.
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