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Do you guys think we should have a dream post section?


5 Jul 2003
😜 Just wondering, b/c I had this dream about 2 years ago (that was more like a memory from another life or something) and now I am stupidly searching for anyone who had the same dream. ;) That anyone being the guy who hugged me in my dream.
I don't know, dreams are pretty interesting, so others might be fun to read. :smoke: yeh, yeh..
I haven't had a "good" dream (or nightmare for that matter) for some time now. In fact, I can't even consciously remember when was my last one (couple years?). Funny thing is though, people I have known all my life never find their way into my dreams/nightmares... but new acquaintances, friend of a friend, etc. usually do. Go figure.
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