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Do Japanese have a sense of danger?


31 Jul 2003

I am often wondering if they do. :D

" We are not able to look after ourselves, so we need a lot of lifeguards. We are jealous when we see how pools operate in other countries.
Makko Sakai, 50, head lifeguard at the Meguro Community Center pool, saying Japanese do not have a sense of danger and therefore need excessive mollycoddling.".

Why do Japanese need mollycoddling? I think that means told what to do and treated like children to prevent any injury to them.

I think because they are told what to do with every step, they can't see things for themselves. Just what I got from it.

Tell me what you think?:)
They do. My girlfriend gets scared of pigeons!

No, but when I was in Japan last time, everyone was always giving me safety advice. But I've lived in London all my life and never been mugged, you have to meet the wrong people to get a bad impression of a city, and the Japanese seem to respond quickly to hysteria they see in newspapers.

I was surprised to see in Shibuya a whole mob of 'Guardian Angels' march down the street but is this a Japanese response, a westerner may say it is a bit over the top, but I suppose the Japanese like to take care of problems before they get too bad.
Then again, I've only ever seen one Guardian Angel in London.
liking really cute stuff
even 70 year-old men
but i don't think they are any worse than americans
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