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Do guys like it when a girl approaches them?


Crazy Kitty Girl "Meow"
3 Nov 2003
I need your opinions you guys. See there is this guy in my class that I want to talk to since the semester ends this week. I want to talk to him after class and I want to give him my number. Do guys like that a girl makes the first move or just think that she's weird. Please give me some advice cuz I dont want to make a complete idiot of myself. Thanks🙂 😌 ;)
Only if she's his type.

But don't be afraid of rejection. If you want to hit on him, you go girl!
well I wouldnt call it hitting on him or maybe it is. I just want to tell him I think he's and interesting person and that I want to get to know him better if I can say it without stuttering. LOL Thanks for the support.
Go talk to him and find out. The only way to find out right? Stop wasting time on the what ifs because the time you spend doing that you could have talked to him already.
yeah go for it, he may like you too, just is too shy to say...
the only bit i dont like about girls being the so-called aggressor is when they dont take no for an answer, even the 57th time, its gets annoying. not that a guy would say no to you though...
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Since I am female, this isn't exactly from the male perspective, but I would say go for it! You happen to be a knockout, so any guy who would be opposed to being approached by you would be pretty stupid! LOL. Plus, I like the way you are planning to approach him as a friend, so it could be taken as merely friendship ... or more, depending on his interest level. That's a great way to approach it, I think--a very safe way to do it. I'm sure he'll be very flattered. Let us know what happens! Good luck!!

yeah, go ahead, Neptunemoon! If he rejects you, you tried at least, but if oyu don't, you'll never know! ^^-
In my eyes,
when a girl takes the time to kick it to a guy.
Its like saying that the girl likes the guy even more then he would.because its a rare thing to see a girl walk up and try to talk to a guy. u got my *thumbsup* for the go ahead!!

Good luck! and if he's crazy and rejects you! you still got me!👍 :p :p 👏
Yeah! go for it!

I think its cool when girls ask guys. not that it happens much to me! :D ..but when it does its great!

you ort to go for it dude. Like me good ol mum says "if you dont ask, you wont find out." ... wise words i think. ;)

Originally posted by Golgo_13
Only if she's his type.

But don't be afraid of rejection. If you want to hit on him, you go girl!

I am going to have to agree with this. If you are his type, then he will definately take you up on the offer. If not, he will be flattered. Don't feel bad about the rejection. Just remember that it will be his lose.

Satori is right as well...this is a great approach.
Well im a girl and i see good looking guys all the time. Forme, if the guy looks like a nice guy, i would probably go up to him and somehow start a conversation. -But going up to someone and asking "What are u doing saturday night" is just weird- It's almost as if asking a stranger out. trust me on this, i've made 1 stupid mistake so far 4rm my experience with guys. and the results weren't too kewl. -_-+
Well, I have never asked a guy out. I've always been the one that was asked out. If I liked somebody, I would always try to befriend them first and hope that they asked me out. A lot of the time it worked, but sometimes it didn't.

I would tell you to give it a shot. I wish I would've had the nerve to ask a couple of guys out way back when. For example, not too long ago, I met up with an old friend of mine from high school. When we were seniors(had been friends since 7th grade)we went out once, but he didn't ask me out again. I was so hurt at the time. Anyway, several months ago, when I talked to him for the first time in about 9 years, he told me he had this major thing for me back then. I was like "what?! why didn't you ask me out again, then?!" and he told me that he was scared. He said he thought I didn't act interested and he didn't think I could possibly like him. See, I was playing hard-to-get and he was trying to be the cool football star, which caused some major conflicts in communication. Not to mention, my dad was his football coach and very intimidating and my mom was a teacher, his track coach, and also very intimidating. If I would've just spoken up and told him how I really felt, we probably would've been an item that year. I know we wouldn't be an item now, though, because he is so not my type and anyway, I found someone else who is... :p

Sorry for rambling, but I just wanted to try to give you another reason to approach him. I just don't want you to regret not doing it later. ;)
Awww thanks all of you. 🙂 I will see him this thursday so I will let you know how it goes. Kirei_na_me I understand where you are coming from. I know I would regret not talking to him. I dont want to be left with "what ifs" as supasentai put it. Oh and believe me I have been rejected before, everyone goes through that.
@EscaFlowne thanks for being there
it depends on the girl,if she is a good girl then I am fine with it

my ex-girlfriend,she approached me first,that was near the end of the school year,
although I've noticed that she was looking at me in the classes for the whole year.
When a guy is a real gentleman he would be nice to you anyways.
I gues your not in love, so what's the big deal about this ?
Maybe im just to simple minded, or is it becuase im a guy :D

When there is a girl, who is showing intresting in ME, then im flattered.
Makes me wanna know who she is.
No way i would reject some1 without knowing her. I think that would be simple minded.

Never EVER hesitate when you wanna aproach some1...Just do it. Sounds alitle strange, but im sure 80% of all people will be flattered when you tell them they are intresting.
Ofcource love is a different story, but when your on that level PM me :)

And again.I think your 1 of the most sexy/beautiful girl i noticed on this whole forum.But i told you that before 😄

Take care :)

And remember, making new friends is something you should do without any fear of rejection. :) Thats something you have to remember for the rest of your life :)
Kevin those were very wise words and I shall not forget them. Love is something that comes with time and at the moment I'm not ready for that. Just looking to move on. I did get to talk to him before class but I didnt get to say the things I wanted to and it was not because I was scared but because we had a nice conversation. Maybe if I see him again.........
Oh and thanks for your flattery kevin your too kind *hugs*
Beautiful woman comes on to Frank....

Knees Quake...

Looks around desperately....

Girl speaks nice & friendly...

Frank faints dead away from joy ....

Poor Frank
Re: Beautiful woman comes on to Frank....

Originally posted by Frank D. White
Knees Quake...

Looks around desperately....

Girl speaks nice & friendly...

Frank faints dead away from joy ....

Poor Frank

the beautiful lady leaves a flower:rose: and a note with her number on it on top of your passed out body.
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