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Do engine grooves create better fuel economy?


wishing for a girlfriend
5 Jul 2004
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I came across This link on another forum.

I haven't tried this myself. Evidently a former stunt driver-turned-mechanic came up with the idea of adding grooves on the inside of a car engine to aid the internal combustion process.

It's supposed to make the engine run a lot quieter and improve the average Miles Per Gallon rate.

Has anyone does this here, or heard about it?

Chris K

28 Dec 2006
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had a quick look and seemed to be similar to 'squishies' if not the theory behind them. The idea is turbulance in the combustion chamber aids combustion. Something to do with holding the fuel vapour better. Performance cars already have 'swirl' ports which cause in chamber turbulance and the reason why engine tuners do not polish the inlet ports.
'Squishies' ar pistons with a special crown (maybe incorperating grooves) used in motor sport to allow engines run higher compression ratios and hence produce more power. A friend has some and claims they are effective.
If they increase power, in a correctly tuned engine, theres no reason why they cannot increase fuel economy as they are effective in aiding combustion.
Might have to bookmark that site for future ref, thanks for bringing it up.

edit:in fact, im giving that a go!!!! Its proven theory.
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