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Do As Infinity


15 Mar 2002
Anyone else here likes them? They are my favorite musicians! I even like them more then Alicia Keys! What are the chances of them ever coming to America?😌 Van Tomiko is the best!:D
I like Do As Infinity's music. Unfortunately I haven't heard many of their songs. But from what I've heard they sound very good! hmm.. *runs off to download more music*
What a comparison... Do As Infinity <---> Alicia Keys... Alicia who? What have you been drinking?

Anyway, I think Do As Infinity is ok, but not outstanding. The vocals are too sweet and the guitars are too clean for my taste. It needs more BANG, BOOM and SCREETCH, if you know what i mean.
Do As Infinity rules, but I haven't been following their latest music as much lately though I know they've done a song in dedication to one of their fan's wedding.

Deep Forest would be my most favorite album of theirs, with Eien being my favorite song (though not from that album).
i like do as infinity.. and their live album was pretty nice, i wonder if i can import a region 2 dvd of their tour....
Hi Im new...
I love Do As Infinity! They are great...
They're best song: Fukai Mori
thats my favorite of all there songs.:)
I like Do as Infinity. I downloaded of their albums. They're a great band. I love listening to their msuic. I 1st got into them after I watched the 2nd ending song from Inu Yasha.
Oh really!? It's the 1st ending song? I tought it was the 2nd one when Sessohmaru is in it? I dunno but I really like that song.-.
Duh, Do as Infinity is good. But when that.. girl is screaming I don't like her voice then :p Maybe tooku made and fukai mori are those I like most. I dunno.
I like DAI, there a great band if you like pop, I tend to like the music they do for anime more however.
I like Do As Infinity, but anyone has any songs to suggest? The only ones I've heard are My Will and Fukai Mori.
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