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George L.

9 Jan 2004
I heard that there is starting to be a problem with divorces in Japan. I heard that the divorce rate among older couples has almost doubled. The reason I heard was as the men get older and retire, they find themselves spending all thier time with thier wives, whereas they were used to previously only seeing them when they got off work and didn't spend that much time together. Once the husband retires and starts spending more time together, they realize they do not really like each other and don't want to continued being married.

My question is if this is at all true? Has anyone heard anything about this? Could it have anything to do w/ the continual western influence on the Japanese society and culture? Unless I am mistaken I remember hearing that in the past divorce was extremely frowned upon and the couple was made to "endure" and not dishonor the family w/ divorce.

Any insite and comments on this would be appreciated...accuracy is not really necessary, it is just for my own personal knowledge so if you have any opinion at all, please post!

:) 🙂
I would say there is some Western influence at work here. As women get less submissive, men get more frustrated.
So you think that the divorce rate going up has to do w/ the fact that women are starting to become individualized figures in the household and thier own life and the men resent it? I know this is how it was in the old times, and might also be a contributing factor...good point! Thanks for your insight!

I don't think men resent that women are getting more freedoms. Too many marriages are superficial and based on the wealth of the man and not true love. As these marriages grow old, the women become less attracted to the man and become less complacent which frustrates the man causing conflict.

It's also not as necessary for a women to marry a man to live a 'successful' life. Women are more capable of being independent and successful then in the past.
True, but by the time they reach that age, isn't it to late for a woman to be able to secure a carrer of her own...enough so to support herself and still live a life of happiness?
Hmm... I didn't realize this thread applies to older couples till now. I'm not familiar with Japanese law or American law, so I don't know if the man is required to split his estate and if so, does this include his pension?
I am not sure...that is a good question...I will try to find the answer...or maybe someone else will be able to answer it...

As far as only older couples, it doesn't have to just apply to them...it can include younger couples as well. I think it would be easier on a younger couple to go through divorce than an older couple...but I guess that applies anywhere...That is a great question however as to what happens when they get divorced. Thanks!

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