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Displaying of Japanese Fonts.


25 Jun 2002
Hmm okay. Not sure if this has been discussed before but I'm having a bit of a problem that I would like to be solved. First of all I have Japanese fonts and support so I can read Japanese and write it. However, it sometimes does not show up in programs. For example in Internet Explorer at the top of window Japanese will be written in the title bar, but I won't be able to see it. Also in MSN Messenger for example. I tried downloading the Japanese version but everything is in little boxes. I would also like to write in Japanese in programs but I can't seem to do this either. Any advice? I hope I explained that clearly enough... Please help!
Thomas has several links that should help, I believe that some of them were even posted here.

Might be that you're missing some fonts ... I'm a mac guy some I'm not sure.

I haven't investigated into that yet, but it seems to be an intrinsic problem of IE (and other M$ programs). Check the Japanese threads at the Nihongo Lounge and the Nihongo Cabinet.: titles are visible in the source text, but won't be displayed in the browser.
What you CAN do, haha is get all the language packages that they offer at windows. Com or something... I am not sure where but I know you can do it. My friend did it with Korean.

It takes some time... I gave up. I might actually do it with Japanese, Korean just seemed like not worth it. I can also read and write Japanese, so maybe it would be useful :p

Miss PuccA~
title bar as in ::: Japan Forum - Displaying of Japanese Fonts

Well, yeah, definitely IE is brain dead. Like Thomas said it's something with IE I bet. I run OSX with the Japanese language files on top of the English install. IE just refuses to show the Japanese. Well, it's M$ so ... I didn't expect much.

Although, IE for OSX is probably one of the best browsers available with mozilla a very close 2nd and Omniweb being a beautiful graphic displayer of webpages but a loosey supporter of java and CSS.
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