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You're welcome! By the way, if you are interested in joining a new Buddhist forum and learning more on the subject, here is the link for E-Sangha: e-sangha.com Kakuzen here at the Japan forum is going by the name Hui Kung over there, and Maciamo is occasionally over there as well. It's a very interesting site, with lots of monks and lamas that frequent it, as well as lay people. I'm not as familiar with Buddhism as most people over there, but they welcome anyone and everyone--beginners on up the line. They are all such a friendly and respectful group too! There are sections for Beginner's Buddhism, General Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, Theravada Buddhism, etc., and even Other Philosophies. In addition, there's even a section for Beatnik Buddhism, for those of us who love the poets of the Beat Generation, who were also interested in Buddhism. Anyway, come on over there and check it out! I post at both the Japan forum and that site. They seem to compliment each other in some ways. Hope to see you there! (By the way, I just created a thread called "New Online Buddhist Community" that includes the latest press release about it.)


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