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Wanted Disabled Ex-pats in Japan needed!

Serial Films

12 Sep 2017
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Hey all,
Hope this is ok to post on this wonderful forum. I am working with Serial Pictures to cast real people with interesting stories for an upcoming Toyota commercial. We are filming in Japan later this month and need to find non-Japanese people with walking impairments who are currently living/based in Japan.

Ideally we are looking for Hispanic & Indian people but I'm eager to know about any expat resources for the disabled community - they can walk with a limp, use a wheelchair, be fully paraplegic, etc. I would love to hear any recommendations you might have about where to look and who to talk to.


nice gaijin

Resident Realist
8 Aug 2005
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Interesting, now that I think about it, I've never met a foreign resident in Japan with a walking impairment. As disabilities go, Japan seems most supportive of the blind, and least supportive of people with wheelchairs and other mobility issues. If I were wheelchair-bound and had a choice of where to live, Japan would not be a strong option.

I'm interested to hear about the people you find; please do update us on your progress in this endeavor

Mike Cash

15 Mar 2002
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As disabilities go, Japan seems most supportive of the blind, and least supportive of people with wheelchairs and other mobility issues.
I think that as far as infrastructure goes, it could well be said that there is tons more that could be done to accommodate people with mobility issues, but I don't think one can extend that into meaning Japan has been least supportive of them....it is just that in the not-all-that-long-ago past they weren't supportive of them at all and that the changes which have been made are so recent that it just looks that way.

The changes in the way Japan treats its disabled/challenged people between when I got here and the way they do now is like daylight and dark. Tremendous strides have been made and are continuing to be made, especially in new construction.

You want to talk getting the least support....my money would be on the invisibly disabled, the deaf community.


23 Dec 2010
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65 year old white male here: I had an accident two years ago, and tho I'm okay now, I could easily regress to walking with arm crutches. (I had lots of practice!)

What are you paying, and where will the "work" be?

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