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Direct descendants from the Himuro family post here

drexal parks

24 Nov 2003
This is to all people who know they have HIMURO family living or dead.

This is all to do with what happened decades ago in the hills miles outside of the east of Tokyo. a tragedy struck when a Shinto karma ritual failed and was unable to be completed. this ritual MUST be performed every seventy-five years.....anyways I guess there is a game of sorts out that is based on this tragedy...but it is all true! I have been researching this ritual for twenty-seven years and have found nothing more than what the townspeople told me and the research team. to mine and all my associates, we know of no one directly related to the Hinuro Family.
This ritual needs to be performed... there is as of yet know rope shrine maiden...we have lost track of the whereabouts of the Blinding Mask...the mansion lies in ruins and I have failed twice to find the actual estate. I have trodden on every related field I could find. no one is taking me literally. someone MUST respond.
I can't implore enough the situation that we are all faced with if these rituals are not performed....the calamity, the malice it is all true.
..Could you please tell me some of the things you know about the himuro mansion

I'm not related to them it just I played the game fatal frame.. you mentioned it in your post it's based on the truth and now I'm curious to what really happened.. I searched some sights but I couldn't find much. if it wouldn't be too much trouble. Thank you.
Interesting, but karma is in no way related to Shintoism.

You all sound screwed. Some yamabushi are interested in this kind of thing. Ask around your contacts in Japan and see if you can't put one on retainer. I'm sure they would love to chat with you.
I'm not screwed up

I just recently played a game.. fatal frame.. most of the game is based on the real thing. Something went wrong in Shinto rituals..(which what I found out the rope shrine maiden fell in love with some guy) and I want to know what else happens in there. How does that make me screwed up.
I was making light about D. Parks who feels that he (and by extension all of us too) will meet with disasters of biblical standards if these folks don't get in touch with him and apease a bunch of angry ghosts. Since members of said family don't seem to be with us any longer (nor do people living in the region seem to care), his cries for aid will go unanswered, and thus he is, as I said, screwed (ie he faces an unsolvable situation).

Just you, neko_chi, by playing the game doesn't make you screwed up. Sorry if you took it that way. However, if you believe said events to hold sway over our world beyond the realm of fiction, I would counsel some time away from the games.
But it was based on a true story

the game was based on a true story.. most of it is true except for some potholes.. but I guess your right I'm too much of a game freak
Yeah but just because it was "based" on a true story doesn't make it all true. the texas chainsaw massacre was based on a true story, but the events that inspired it happened in the 1940s Wisconsin over a good period of years. ed geins, the real-life killer, was the archetype for many a horror film killer, including norman bates in psycho. another example would be dynasty warriors, which is based off a historical novel about the three kingdoms era in China.

I think the point mandylion was trying to make was that if no one performs this ritual then there isn't going to be a change in anyone's life anywhere, but if you think otherwise simply because of the fatal frame then that's where the away from video games bit comes in...
Most of it was

I did some research and all but the potholes (ending, characters, names,some parts unknown what happened in the ritual) and such but majority of it was though.... when they research the data for the game they found pretty much all the plot and some extras to add in.. all they had to do, was make a battle system, fill some potholes, find a good ending.. and the rest was some legends around the area...I don't believe in the ritual personally.. but these people did and a lot of lives were lost because of it. One of my friends think that the headmaster going crazy and killing everyone was the malice getting to him.. (in the game it was the other way around the rope shrine maiden was touched by the malice)
Don't get me wrong it's intriguing I just don't think anything bad will happen if the ritual isn't performed btw what is supposed to happen if the ritual isn't performed?
and this is the problem...no one cares I am in the village as we speak. most who knew of the legends are now past away. I am on my way up into the hills tomorrow morning... myself and my research assistant. We will spend three nights minimum inside the mansion...I will E-mail the person who replied to this thread first.
Can you be more specific? Also, I'd be interested to read the results of your stay in the mansion of you'd like to post them
So I take it the end of the world has come and gone? How anti-climactic... And here I stocked up on duct tape, toilet paper, and canned goods all for nothin'...
this is about Shinto omatsuri every 72 years...seems they walk and back 75 km to a seashore of Hitachi-shi, Ibaragi-ken... and performed March 23-30 2003.





So what happened Himuro san, looking for Himuro sans??
I am also very interested in the shinto rituals and the truth behind the Himuro Mansion story. If you would be so kind, please post any pictures or information up on the site so I can check it out. Me and my friend have just begun to research it also.

Good luck in finding anything "Useful"....... They don't have much online or offline just the same stuff reworded.
I know. That's why we're having so much trouble finding anything. We started by looking for Himuro Mansion. And we found some stuff, sent some emails.. but that didn't help much. Then I looked up Shinto Rituals, and I found this website, so I decided to try to find something out here.
this is an e-mail I sent someone in Monterray. the other night....

Drexal Parks hear. at the himikyru mansion. and that's just one of the things I found out. The
ritual is another thing. but what is it your studying? I'm curious. the ritual is something performed every
other generation or more or less every seventy-five years. that's today, the hundred odd years ago the
ritual was readily performed it would occur almost tri-annually.(every three years) but it never had to be
done so frequently the people of the house were a paranoid group. That窶冱 what I have found out inside
the HImikyru mansion. my wife/assistant has been translating the texts I have found and documenting
them in a book I plan to write on the rituals and the original family. I sit outside in the main pathway up
tot he mansion and write this because inside nothing works. no computers, no digital cameras, nothing
electrical or what have you. the only way I can visually document anything is to use...yes an old
camera. though not as dramatic as you may think, an old Olympias 16 mm. I have no way to develop
anything until I leave the village. (I swore not to release the name of the village for obvious reasons).
now understand, my time spent in the mansion has uncovered things most likely best kept to the
imagination. a gate in the bowels of the mansion uncovered a continued path. and the ropes that hang
from the sides of the gate are blackened and soiled with old blood which makes me believe someone
has performed the ritual somewhat recently. I can physically see blood when I look at them in the light.
you say you want to know more of 'The Ritual' itself. the blinding ritual: is exactly the same as it
documented in the video game Project Zero (fatal frame). The Rope Shrine Maiden Ritual: the rope
shrine maiden is a girl raised to be sacrificed. born in the room she is to spend every waking hour in.
not to be introduced to anything that may sour her. (ie people not of the family or directly related to the
ritual.) the particular ritual talked about in the game has to do with a girl who notices a boy in the
Cherry Atrium (which is real and was the cause for the disappearance o my wife/assistant for close to
nine hours not two weeks ago.) the young maiden would watch this boy infatuated with him. until she
found a way out of her cell/bedroom. and she met the boy falling in love at the mere sight of him. they
attempted to hide their love, for the boy was a guest in the house and feared and revered the family
master.(for he owned ht entire village) once the master found out of the blasphemy he got his assistants
to lure the boy to the back of the house through the cherry atrium and onto the dock by the shore of the
house. there they slit his thought and bled him into the water below. from there the master dragged his
body into the woods behind the shrine house(which has lost its name) with the long stairs up to it. it was
there he hid the body from the girl's eyes. thinking this would solve the problem, it only made it worse.
this girl would dream of the boy and wake up screaming his name. this infuriated the master. causing
him to perform the rope shrine ritual early. the Blind demon ritual was hurried and the women chosen
were also of impure blood. (she had a child but did not get married.) that started the ritual of the rope
shrine maiden and calamity was its cause for disaster. the rope shrine maiden was brought three weeks
early to the underground pathway and on into the ceremony room.(large open space with a very
large open space with four doors at awkward angles) the maiden would be laid out in the middle of the
room and she would have her arms and legs AND HEAD tied with thick ropes. an assistant to the
family master would then bring out one oxen or bull and commence tying the oxen to one leg of the girl
and another assistant would bring out a second oxen and tie it to the maidens second leg.(I am unsure if
the tying left or right leg first meant anything but in the texts I have found it seems almost as though it
were right to left.) this would happen until each appendage was tied to an oxen and then her head. after
that the rituals words were spoken while the assistants chanted (I don't know what.) after the oxen
separated the maiden from her torso, the master would remove the ropes from around the oxen neck
and (for lack of a better word) marinate the ropes int eh blood of the maiden. from there the assistants
would pick up the maiden in her component parts and drape large silk cloths around her for burial. the
master would then (with his 'congregation') carry the ropes to the gate(of hell) and tie the blood-soaked
ropes across the gate. this time however the rope would just fall to the ground in a heap. (reports I
have found in the house mention a continuous rumbling.) the master then became infuriated and
pounded the gate in anger. the walkway to the gate soon crumbled all but a narrow pathway(which I
have found) as the rumbling became more violent and angry the 'congregation' took off back up into the
mansion (texts I have found describe the doors no longer opening) the master soon found the gate
creeping open revealing (as I have found0 a second path. which leads to darkness. ( I have yet to
venture the second path for my light no longer works after I pass the gate. and the wind is to
concentrated to keep a flame lit.) I am not sure what the master did after that.(in the basement) what h
did after coming back up to the mansion was go completely insane. he would ware a mask that no one
has seen before a mask of a demon. (my wife/assistant tends to believe that the family master was to
be the sacrifice in the blind demon ritual for he was truly the unclean soul. I my self am sceptical) the
master then commenced to take a katana from off a shelf and run around the mansion slaughtering all
the guests and members of his family. the assistants with the remains of the rope maiden were off in the
woods by the shrine house. preparing the girl for ceremonial burial. ( it has started to rain as I type) the
master continued to maim and destroy the people in the house. room by room he would enter he found
more people. (and as in the video game) the people of the house seemed to scribble things while all this
was going on. (most has bee taken from the officials of the area as much of the other things inside the
mansion.)from what I have found the sound of a woman waling at the tops of her lungs was herd along
with a constant groaning chant. in some unknown language) large gusts of wind flooded the mansion
(and still do) the aster killed more than one hundred people that day. and as he looked over the house
hold mangled and torn he then walked to 'the hallway room' and committed suicide. though as he
walked through the house he wrote in a journal that (I believe)is some were else in this house...that窶冱
more or less most of the gist of what I know. Understand that I have been researching this for close to
eight years now. (a lot longer than the video game has been around I use forums and the video game as
a medium. this is not a well-liked subject of discussion in most of japan. when I fist got hear looking for
the mansion I arrested for nothing and spent the first week in a jail cell. after that we had to hike two in
a half days before I found the village. and it took me two more weeks to find someone willing to tel me
how to find the mansion. no one would guide us. no one would tell us specifics. once I got to the
mansion I sprained my ankle on god knows what once inside the mansion there was no sleep. fro five
days I sat up awake. for we had to sleep inside because of a large three day storm. that caused mud
slides. at night the walls would cry. as a whimpering moan could be herd from a room that I have yet to
find. the only map I could find was the one from the video game so I attempted to use it and found out
quickly that the designers of the game had taken A LOT of artistic freedom designing the house. I was
forced to slowly walk through the house and draw my own map as I went.(which I have now lost and
am starting over from memory) this IS a game and I am the star. as I said earlier two weeks ago My
wife/assistant went missing for close to nine hours. I found her in a huddled ball in the corner of the
room which I figure is referred to in the game as 'the rubble room' this all sound fantastical and
embellished I understand.(with all the references to the video game you may not believe me but that窶冱
all anyone knows of so I use the game as a reference so people will understand what it is I am talking
about.) you are the third person to e-mail me about this and I have to admit I was hoping you were a
descendant from the HIMIKYRU (HIMURO) family. but this is just as well. now when I wrote what I
did on the forum you read. I was unclear what I was talking about and was made fun of. but what I
mean by the ritual must be performed. I do not mean the hole drawn and quartered aspect. a mere cut
on the forearm will suffice. I am still looking for family but have had no luck even hear in Tokyo. this is
really all I can think to say on the subject as of yet. if there is anything else you want to know I will

drexal parks.
The paragraph is our friend. Try using it sometime.
Btw, i'm locking this thread since it has strayed from the purpose of this forum. If you want to continue to pursue this "discussion" then please feel free to start another thread elsewhere and link to this one for reference. The tone of this thread has turned more away from your search for descendants into a discussion surrounding the events you describe. As such, if anyone needs to contact you in the future then they can do so via pm or e-mail. Thanks for your understanding.
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