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15 Apr 2002
olympus is predicting a 20-30% increase in sales in digital cameras.

Alas, this also means a decrease in the tradtional camera and photo processing shops. Even my wife has realized this after we bought a new printer that allows you put the digital media card directly into it. No computer or shop is necessary to print your pictures.
I think print shops will still stay. Not everyone knows how to use a PC (or even interested to try). I have a friend who typed an email address in the ADDRESS bar of IE and complained the email is not working. It is funny unless you have to travel to her house to fix something that is not broken.
Heh, when you start out with internet, nothing is obvious.

I don't think they will disappear either. A current trend is uploading your digital pictures to a printshop-chain website and pick them up a few days later, printed on shiny photopaper, at the nearest shop. Quality is great.
that sounds cool :D

you can choose the photo that will be printed and don't need to own a hq printer yourself
The film camera will always be around, like audio tapes. They will pry mine from my cold, dead hands (and yes I do have a digital camera. I carry both). Good use of either type of camera takes time to learn, and each has advantages, but give me a classical film-using Nikon anyday and it will turn out better quality shots than all but the most expensive digital units. By expensive I'm talking the 2,000 dollar digital numbers.
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