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did I translate this correctly?

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31 Jan 2017
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I am taking a practice test that is for JLPT N5. I found this, and am wondering if I translated it correctly? Also sorry if the verb form used isn't grammatically correct, all I'm doing is typing it how it was originally typed in the question with the practice test.

東京 駅 から 長川駅まで行って電車で行って,長川駅 から いちご山で バス で行きます (Tokyo eki kara nakagawa made itte densha de itte, nakagawa kara ichigo yama de basu ikimasu).

From Tokyo Station to Nakagawa Station I go by train, and from nakagawa station to ichigo mountain I go by bus.

Would it be more correct to use the future tense or should I stick with present tense?
You are translating the English sentence to Japanese, right? Very close, but 行って is redundant in the first half of the sentence, and the particle after いちご山 is wrong.
長川 is "nakagawa?"
Were you given the Japanese to translate, or is the Japanese your translation?

東京 駅 から 長川駅まで(see note below)電車で行って,長川駅 から いちご山で バス で行きます

note: 行って here is unnecessary and confusing, makes it sound like you get the station and then ride another train perhaps, rather than getting to the station by train.
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