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Did I choose good CDs for Christmas?


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6 Oct 2003
My parents just let me order things for myself onlien for christmas becaus ethey are too lazy to shop.. do you guys think i picked a good selection of cds?

Gackt-Crescent (Japan Version)

Dir En Grey-VULGAR (Normal Edition)(Japan Version)

Silva-Ai no trimmer (Japan Version)

janne Da Arc-Z-HARDG (Japan Ver.)

Ga-Miyavi-Ga-garyuu-Ryu (Normal Edition)(Japan Version)

Move-DECADANCE (Japan Version)

Sugizo-C: LEAR (Japan Version)

Hitomi-HTM -TIARTROP FLES (Overseas Version)

any suggestions for what else I shoudl get when my birthday comes up in a few months? u can base your suggestions on what I ordered this christmas ^_^;
Looks like a great selection. It's been quite a while since i've placed such a large order... :(

As for your birthday, i'd think you'll do good to pre-order the upcoming new L'Arc~en~Ciel album, which will be out in march.
thanx for the suggestion ^_^ I don't have any of thier cds yet. Id o like a few songs I've heard tho. Will this new one be their best yet or is there an album u would recomend I get first?
What songs have you heard by L'arc~en~ciel? Perhaps picking up one of their albums which features some of the songs you like might be a good place to start... since L'arc hasn't written any new music since 2001, we all have to wait and see what the new album is going to sound like...

I can certainly help by telling you which albums to get where you can find the songs you know, as can many other people on the board...

Nice to meet you!

welll I like driver's high cause of gto... hehe and... Flower and Blurry eyes are two songs that I ended up with when i downloaded a bunch of random jrock one time and I like those ^_^;;; oh and nice to meet u too ^_^
Hmmm... sadly, the three songs you mentioned are on three different albums, so there isn't more than one which you'd get buying any one L'arc album...

Was "Driver's High" the first L'arc song you heard? That might be the best to check out first since that is a more recent song which features their current drummer Yukihiro. "Driver's High" is on the album "ark" along with some other big singles from that period, like "Forbidden Lover" and "Pieces". That wouldn't be a bad album to start with, and I'd get the companion album to "ark", called "ray", as a second purchase. These two albums were released together, and "ray" contains all of the other singles from that time... "snow drop", "Shinsoku ~Lose Control~" and many more.

"Blurry Eyes" and "Flower" are a little older and feature the original drummer of L'arc, Sakura. The first album I collected was "True", which contains "Flower" as well as the other singles "Caress of Venus" and "Lies & Truth". "Blurry Eyes", the opening theme to the anime series DNA^2, is on the slightly older album "Tierra".

Hope this information helps... though if you like those three songs, then I think you'll be very happy with any of L'arc~en~ciel's albums!

Good luck!

I think you can buy any Laraku album.
They haven't exactly reinvented themselves on any of their albums. The more recent album sound a bit more crispy when it comes to production, but they tend to do the same thing over and over. However, they do it so well, they can get away with it. :)
k, I'll just add Tierra, True, ark, and ray to my list of cds to buy and then pick a random one when I make my first order ^__^;; If I like it alot I'll eventually order them all hehe
The only album I recognize is Gackt's album. So, I don't really know. But I'm really jealous that you can order so many! 😲 However, I'm happy for ya! Japanese music is always a great Christmas present. Remember to enjoy the quality music!
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