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Dictionary of Chinese Character Variants


22 Dec 2004
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This is a great site with an astronomical amount of work poured in regarding Chinese characters in all their shapes both in standard and variant forms. The appendix includes most authoritative Chinese dictionaries of the past 1,885 yrs of epigraphic/etymological/lexicographical studies. Navigation is a bit confusing due to the huge amount and complexity of information, but the work is vastly rewarding. Great to share with everyone !
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Dictionary of Chinese Character Variants
窶吮??窶ーテ倪?督ッナ。ツ?窶ケツウヒ?ァ窶「窶敘。ツ?ナ津ェツ絶?楪行ヒ?祥?オヒ愿ーツ 窶「テ陳輯
Mandarin Promotion Council, Ministry of Education, R.O.C
The Ministry of Education appointed the Department of Chinese, National Taiwan Normal University to make a table of Chinese character variants. This table has been published for many years, and widely used by all circles. However, people have pointed out that it does not show the origins of characters and some handwritten characters are not clear. In order to meet the demands of Mandarin teaching and inner code increasing of the Chinese language information, we need to assort and enlarge the table again and expand the reference usages of each word. So on one hand, it can be a reference resource for Mandarin teaching in our country; on the other hand, it can be encoded by the Institute For Information Industry as the standard interchange codes and then registered in ISO. In this way, we will not miss playing a role while Mainland China, Korea, and Japan are in keen competition enlarging the set of internationally used Chinese characters.

In Sep, 1994, Professor Chen Hsin-hsiung of the Department of Chinese, National Taiwan Normal University was invited to attend ツ“the International Conference of Daily Chinese Characters in Asian Chinese Character Cultureツ” sponsored by International Chinese Character Revival Association. As the simplified characters of Communist China are not in accord with the traditional Chinese characters, all the participants in the conference are requested to discuss and establish the common character forms on the basis of currently used characters, and then to have them standardized and unified so that it easy for people to communicate and exchange information. Therefore, Professor Chen suggested our ministry to compile a dictionary of Chinese character variants. As it is necessary to have Chinese characters standardized and unified, the Mandarin Promotion Council (MPC), Ministry of Education) is responsible for this. In the 84th meeting of the standing council on Feb. 21, 1995, the plan of compiling a dictionary of character variants was proposed and approved. It would take six years (from July, 1 1995 to June 30 2000) to sort character books and documents and establish a character file. Accordingly, we will revise the table of Chinese character variants we have had and compile a brand-new dictionary of Chinese character variants.

The dictionary has been finished on June, 2001, and total contains over 100,000 character variants.
Dictionaries quoted as images or text:

1. 說窶「ツカ窶ーテーナスナ。ツ(窶佚・ツ鞘┐窶怒ツ)
2. 說窶「ツカ窶ーテーナスナ。ツ(窶冓窶卍坂?怒ツ)
3. 窶ケテ?窶「ツカ窶「テ
4. ナ津??「ツカナスナ。窶氾樞?「テ
5. ナ?ツソナ津ェナ津??「ツカナスナ。ナスナ。ナ蛋窶「\
6. ナ?ツソナ?テ遺?「ツカナスナ。窶氾樞?「テ
7. ナ津ηスツ」窶「ツカ窶「テ
8. ナ?ツソティツッナスナ。ナ陳ケ
9. ティツッ邃「ナセ
10. 窶ケテ?ツ静寂?「ツカナスナ。邃「ナセヒ?
11. 窶「テ寂?氾樞?敕ィ窶「テ看スナ。
12. 窶敕ィ窶「テ看スナ。ツ新窶「テ
13. 窶愿姪?ナ?窶伉ュナスナ。窶「ヒ
14. ナ津愿」S窶「ツカナスナ。
15. 窶板エテェナ毒スティ窶ケツセツ(ツ坂?壺?氾ュ窶怒ツ)
16. 窶板エテェナ毒スティナ?テ
17. 窶ケテ岩?「テ
18. ナ鄭窶ーC
19. ツ集窶ーC
20. ツ集窶ーCツ考ツ青ウ
21. 窶氾樞?「テ
22. ナスlテ」テ溪?「テ打?Cツ(窶督セナ?ツァ窶怒ツ)
23. ヒ彁ツ鞘?伉青ウ
24. 窶?ナ陳ウヒ?依愿停?伉ュナスナ。窶「ヒ
25. 窶伉ュツ鞘?佛?ツァナ津ォ
26. ナスナ。窶コ{ナスOツ青ウ
27. ナスナ。ナ澱
28. ツ青ウナスナ。窶凖
30. ナスナ。ナ澱窶「テ「
31. ツ康テェツ、ナスナ。窶弋ツ(ツ校ツ青ウ窶怒ツ)
32. テ」S窶弋窶「ツカナスナ。邃「ナセテヲナ。ツ鞘?
33. テコツ敘鄭ナスナ。窶コ{ツ敖ィ窶ケテキ
34. ナ津δ債。ツ青ウ窶伉ュナスナ。テヲe
35. ナスナ。邃「ナセ
36. ナ澱窶ーツケ窶コツ焦?テ
37. ヒ?凖ゥ窶愬スナ。ナスティツ催サ
38. 窶佚・窶板、ナ?テ遺?ーツサナスナ。窶「\
39. ナ?pツ静ャナ?ツソヒ彗テァ窶?窶弋
40. ナ?テ佛。ツ?ナ?テョ窶話ナ?ツソナスナ。窶「\
41. 窶吮??窶愿コ窶卍ゥナ?ツソナスナ。ナスナ。ナ蛋窶コ窶敖湘
42. 窶吮??窶「ツカ窶佚・テァ窶?窶弋
43. ナ?ツソナ津ェ窶佚・ナスナ。窶弋
44. 窶吮??ナ。ツ?ツ鞘?倪?邸窶佚・ナスナ。窶弋
45. 窶伉青鞘?倪?佚・ナスナ。窶弋
46. 窶コ{ツ青カナ?テ暗ゥ窶愬スナ。ナスナ。窶弋
47. ヒ愿??ケツウ窶愿ッナスナ。ナスナ。窶弋
48. 窶吮??窶ーテ佛スナ。ナ?C
49. ナ津??「ツカナスlテ」テ溪?ーC
50. ツ鞘?倪?邸ナスナ。ナ澱
51. ツ重窶凖ケ窶卍シ窶ーツケ窶「テ
52. 窶「テ「ツ充ナス窶倪?板ソ


Angel of Life
13 May 2005
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Blah! I just tried to download and install the 'traditional chinese characters' but instead of a bunch of lines, it has now added a bunch of question marks to the already unreadable text. I followed your instructions Lexico....
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