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22 Sep 2003
k, i kno i thought DMC was kick ***, but what'd u think of DMC2?
thought it was so so, personally

heh, & for the title of DMC2....i always thought it was gonna b Devil Never Cry
but that's just me
Devil May Cry was good.

Devil May Cry 2 was average and overrated.

Looks like it will fall under the same category as the Tomb Raider games, hopefully not too far a downward spiral... like the recent TR game.
I think devil may cry was the best game i played form 2001 to 2003 the is much better than dmc 2 i mean devil may cry is excellent but there not enough story you know and the camera angel were tebble you could not even see dante he was so small and the boss nothing to dante just had no rivals and no charism but the game game was was cool .
DMC2 is one of the best games ever


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Btw... what about Trish? In the end of DMC1 they were partners... what happened? In the story of DMC2 she isn't even mentioned one time!!

>> Help!!! can somebody tell me a page or something with DMC1+2 pictures, with dante in devil-mode? You can also send them to my email if you got some: [email protected]

hey quick question off the subjest::::sorry: :sorry:

but look at MtoM sig with trigun on it
the guy with the cross::what the heck is his name?!?!?! I can't remember for the life of me!
The original part one was still the best i should say:)fast and furious action game that struck me the first time i saw the trailer!
I liked Devil May Cry better than Devil May Cry 2. The first time I played it, I liked the immediate action you got and how easy it was to use Ebony and Ivory and his sword! I also loved the scene when he gets Alastor, Dante just looks sooo hot there! XD
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