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devil linux


15 Nov 2002
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I know this should go into the geek corner, but I thought it was too funny to pass up:

Devil-Linux has been updated to version 1.2.4: "I'm proud to announce v1.2.4 of Devil-Linux. The changes include fixes for serial console support, various program updates and a few new perl modules. Changes: fixed logrotate not to rotate previously rotated log files (bs); change group membership of Heimdal's su to wheel; updated OpenSwan to 1.0.9; nss_ldap didn't get compiled; updated Cyrus to imapd-2.2.12...." See the release announcement and changelog for further details. Download: devil-linux-1.2.4-i486.tar.bz2 (171MB), devil-linux-1.2.4-i586-SMP.tar.bz2 (171MB), devil-linux-1.2.4-i686-SMP-server.tar.bz2 (169MB).
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