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Detroit Motor Show 2003

More info on the FJ-Cruiser

=> Detroit Auto Show: Toyota Unveils FJ Cruiser Concept

Power is supplied by a 3.4-liter V6 engine equipped with a Toyota Racing Development (TRD) supercharger that creates 250-horsepower. The engine is paired with a four-speed automatic transmission and four-wheel-drive with low range. The FJ Cruiser rides on a modified Tacoma pickup platform and is equipped with rear coil-over long travel suspension, 20-inch wheels and 33-inch tires, and a TRD cat-back exhaust.
That Honda Studio E looks pretty mean. Typically designed for an American market though, so it probably won't fit on the narrow streets of Europe.
I've watched a feature on the Studio E today. It comes with a huge digital screen that can be lowered from the car ceiling (hence the name), so you can have your MTV parties at any rest station, lol.
"The FJ Cruiser takes on an authentic functional form, yet adopts several
styling cues from the original FJ," said Jin Kim, the FJ Cruiser's 25-year-old
exterior designer.

looks more like a tank to me :D
The FJ-Cruiser looks like a Japanese Hummer.

If you look at the specs page it mentions the Mobile Entertainment System before the engine.
Like they're trying to say: Thanks for buying this Entertainment System on wheels! Oh, and it's got an engine too, in case you want to position it in a different corner of your livingroom. :D
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The site seems to work fine for me, which browser are you using?

Studio E is built around the needs and lifestyle of a club DJ and transforms the Element's cavernous interior into a rolling audio and video studio complete with an onboard personal audio computer for mixing tracks and a 42-inch high-definition plasma screen display.

So if you're no DJ forget it! Forum-Master T signing off...

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