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Detective Conan


9 Nov 2003
What do you think about Detective Conan ????and what do you know about the eight movie?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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oh... they're nice sites... but is there one in english? that's all chinese, isn't it?

and who do you mean by "him"?
never heard of it before.
I would love to know more about it, but i can't understand chinese either :(
What is the story line ?
never heard of it before.
I would love to know more about it, but i can't understand chinese either :(
What is the story line ?
i've heard about detective conan, its like 327 eps long and still going (in japan), i haven't watched it tho, i should get around to it sometime, it sounds intresting. :)
it's about a detective (17 year old shinichi kudo), that get's strunk to a little kid (Conan Edogawa). then he stayyes with his "girlfriend" ran, who doesn't know that he actually is shinichi. Just a proffesor, I can't remember his name, knows about Conan and Shinichi, and helps Conan/Shinichi by giving him some special "super shoes" and a watch whiche can shoot out some sleeping stuff (forgot the name) and a rebon whiche he can use to talk in another voice. ran's dad is a detective too, but a very stupid one... but he became famouse, because Conan always shoots him to sleep, and then solves the case etc. and then this guy will wake up and like... "huh? waht happened? I solved this case?... ahahaha!! I'm so great!!!" he's so pathetic... anyway, then the story goes on like that.
THANK YOU Mayura for introducing detective conan ....
It is too interrseting<,,,,you can watch the movies it is full with action and crimes....Now conan serach for the black men who gave him the aptx4869(the strunk subject) and he saw one of them who is a girl sturnk also cause she wann suicide by trying this subject that she created ...it is too long story......it better of you watch it ...the music is too nice also ....
yeah, the music's nice! ^^

and, you're welcome, heiji.
isn't this thing suppose to be poisson? So the black ppl there thought they killed shinichi, right?
Yes ......so he is hiding by changing his name....
i think that u r interesting in it..
how many episode did u watch??or until which one you are now watching???
about me i downloading it from a website but from 2 week the website is underconstiction...so iam now just waiting foe it ..and watch it in Arabic....(ep # 109)


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A friend of mine adores anything has to do with Detective Conan.. She drives me nutes sometimes >_<
ah... hehe... I like it a lot, but I just started watching it when I went overseas... it was one of the only Anime they showed there on tv, so... I started watching it, and it's really interessting!
well, I don't even know how many episodes there are, and I'm not sure whether I watched all of them, but I watched a lot of them... ^^ even in different languages... ^o^

hmm... your friend musst be really obssesed with it, AranzA... ^^
Old thread...

I was just watching "Adult Swim" and came in halfway through a show which I think was called, "Case Closed." But that may have just been a banner they used to separate the show and the commercials. 😌

The show had a little kid named Conan (Konan?) who solved a crime...this must be "Detective Conan," yes? :?


Okay, thanks! I figured it had to be but, having never seen the show before, I wanted to make sure.

You're welcomed! ^^

Eh? So you actually havne't seen it? Well, I ahven't watch ALL the series but I think they should bge pretty mcuh the same... I'd like to know the end though... ~.~

No, last night was the first time that I've seen the show. I liked it, though. I thought it was pretty good!

Yeah, they are interessting indeed! ^^ And it's amazing sometimes, how Conan gets all the little parts together... :p:
Even though his 17... actually... ^-^
I feel sorry for Conan having to put up with Kogoro. I don't like him. Yeah, Detective Conan is Case Closed on Adult Swim. It you watch the ending it says Detective Conan on it. They changed its name cause of some other network having it then changing there minds cause of the death and violence in it (I don't think its that bad.) They also changed the names of the characters in it. Like Shinichi becoming Jimmy and Ran becoming Racheal.
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