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Desperate for a Japanese speaker *cry*

Miss PuccA

6 Nov 2002
Hi... I don't know if I am posting in the right forum... I looked around a bit, and I probably missed the right forum if there was one. I figure my safe bet would be to go into the miscellaneous.

Well, I was wondering if there was anyone here that spoke Japanese fluently... that could help me translate? Or help me with my Japanese *cry*

I am trying to make a website and study my Japanese... If anyone were sweet enough to help me, I would love you forever!!

I hope I didn't bother anyone with this post.. but I can never find Japanese speaking friends.

Honestly, it's kind of hard to find someone on the internet to help with Japanese and actually have great progress done due to the lack of constant communication and limited ways of communication. To actually get moving, the best way is to take classes, if available. Else you can travel to Japan and stay there for a while. :p Self-learning is hard. I wouldn't recommend it.

You can easily find a Japanese penpals online if you want a Japanese speaking friend online. This site (Japan Reference) has some links to it. Check out the front page.
Yeah I am actually being taught japanese at my college.. so I am not doing any self-learning really..

Yeah okay thanks.. so this post is useless is that what you are saying?

Anyway!!! Still!! *cry*

As questions come up if you post here or in the nihongo forum somebody should be able to help you out.
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