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I actually use one of the pictures posted by thomas in the gallery.

It helps to keep me calm here at work. I have a home computer and laptop too...

I just posted a similar thread, not knowing you already had this one. Sorry about that!!


The woman in that photo is gorgeous. Her features are flawless! Who is she? I think I remember reading a post where Thomas asked the same thing and you told him she had been a beauty contestant. Was that the case? She looks as though she could be.

By the way, is the restricted access merely for your personal photos or something?

this, I made it a long time ago and haven't ever gotten around to changing it. if anyone wants it, let me know :) though it is only 800x600

Jeisan, how did you upload that photo if it's 800 x 600? I just tried to upload one that size but was told it had to be 700 x 700. How do you change the resolution, if you know? (I have a Mac).
i didnt, i shrunk the original to 50% the size so that one is 400x300 since it wouldnt let me upload it and its too big (by 10k) for villagephotos to host. though i would rather have the fullsize pic up there so people could just take it if they liked it.

if you have a photo editor you can do it easily there should be a resize option under either 'edit' or 'image' if you have psp.
Originally posted by jeisan
this, i made it a long time ago and havent ever gotten around to changing it. if anyone wants it let me know :) though it is only 800x600

oh, can i have it? it's so cute! please?
This is my work desktop... its been like this for about 2 months now i think...i really like these 2 pictures.. 😄

The main screen is Haohmaru from the Samurai Shodown (spirits) games...and the secondary screen has the cover artwork from Garou : Mark of the Wolves.

p.s. I work on a apple mac at work...thats why the desktop is set up weird....oh, and im very messy with my files on my desktop. ;)

doh!! that image link didn't work for some reason... poop! ...normally i can link from msn groups... anyhoo...

i'll try it again.... :D

ME like those images! Both actually!!!

And jeisan that image is soooooooooooo tight 👍

*I miss being away from my first college....I don't have photoshop anymore and i can't make cool images anymore!!! *

mayura, pm me your email addy and ill send it right along.

escaflowne, thanks, i made the thing on the left there so the icons wouldnt cover up the girls :) if i could find the original again i could make a 1024x768, the original is huge. personally i dont like photoshop, cant really get it to work right and i can only undo once which sucks since sometimes when i make something i get like 75% done then wanna change one little thing. photoshop would make me start all over. with paint shop pro though *hugs psp* you have unlimited undo and redo. plus i know it so im too lazy to take the time to learn photoshop. and you can download either of them...

Now with Photoshop 6+ you have "history" so you have about 20+ undo's now. The one undo thing really used to get to me with the older photoshops. :)

I love the artwork from the in-sleeves of japanese neo-geo import games.. :p

really? do you have to set it special or something? i remember messing with 8 the other day and hitting crtl+z and it just kept undo and redo one thing.
Hmm, here's mine. I have so many friggin icons lol. See My 'The Sims' game and all my instant messengers and me playing utada hikaru-can you keep a secret playing on music match lmao!

edit: can you guys see the photo or is it just me?


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