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Describe some of your favourite memories in Japan


8 Oct 2003
One of mine was in Kyoto , after having been to Kiyumizu temple built on the side of the mountain, I walked along the path from the temple, and looked right through some trees towards Kyoto, with the temple on my right handside, the setting sun in the background...

Hmm... interestingly enough, I can still remember my very first day in Japan almost as vividly as if it happened yesterday. I remember flying into Osaka Kansai as my port of entry. After getting off the plane and waiting for my connection, I can remember staring out at the skyline from one of the passenger terminal windows as the afternoon waned, thinking to myself that I had finally arrived. I also remember spotting Mt. Fuji for the first time coming into Tokyo Narita just as the last rays of light were fading into dusk and what a sight that was. By the time I had finally reached my eventual destination at Sapporo Chitose, night had fallen but I was even more geeked at the prospect of getting out, stretching my legs, and checking out my new digs for the first time. Good times... So many memories those next few years, it's hard to discern here and there which ones are the most significant but in the end I guess all of them have their own special meaning and that's all that matters.
I remember this one time in Tokyo, I was thirsty so I decided to go to one of the many nearby (near to where I was staying,) convience store to pick out something to drink. Well I arrived at the drink selection, browsed the variety and all the sudden I looked down and my right hand was in my pants!!!


Originally posted by Satori
That IS funny! :D Did they hand you condoms instead? :D

Nah I don't even think they sell condoms at the convience stores in Japan cause I've been in like 300 convience stores and never seen them. That's why I take belts of Crown brand Condoms with me whenever I fly over-seas to Japan. Nothing beats Crown Condoms, the closest thing to nothing at all,


I guess that brings up an interesting subject ... where do they sell them in Japan and what kind are they?
WOW it Glows !!

I remember a certain time of the year in Fukuoka in the summer. The plankton became effervecient and glowed a bright blue at night. I would go down to the beach after dark and stare for hours at the waves! AS they broke on the beach they would glow like white fire. If you looked into the water you could see glowing fish swiming around. Man, it was so magicle, like an ocean filled with fireflys !

Originally posted by Frank D. White:
WOW it Glows !!

Oh, God, at first I thought you were answering my question about condoms!! :D Thank goodness it was something else entirely. 😄 Beautiful story, by the way.
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