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8 Dec 2003
I want to change my room into a old style japanese home.Would any of you have tips on how to design it and where i can get home items?
You must have a huge room! :)

Are you interested in just a few decorative elements or are you willing to, say, get rid of all your furniture?
Im Willing to Throw away all my Western Furniture😄 I really wanna create a very Down to Earth place so i wanted to design it as it would have been in a old japanese home.I just need tip on what they had and if they use any special mats and walls.
You understand?
Your best bet might be to try and find some photos on-line of old interiors of Japanese farm houses. You can probably fin something in your local library if they carry an interior design or architectual journals. I'll look around online and see what i can find though...
Thank you very much, i have been looking online also and i have been getting a good picture on the kind of enviroment the room must consist in order to resemble what i want.and i will be more then happy to dump it where ever you want as long as you help me.:D
Alright, try these two. They are books, but with the holidays coming up, you can fill out your gift list. They are not expensive and they will give you a much, much beter idea of what is involved. Don't be put off by the caveat that they seem to be directed towards pros. If you really want to know what to look for, and not just what they tell you down at the corner store, you will have to buckle down and study.

http://www.stonebridge.com/jhomestyle/jhs.html (thinking of buying this one myself)


Just copy down the ISBN and go shopping at your local retailer or favorite on-line spot. There are probably more resources out there. Just try "Traditional Japanese design" or "traditional japanese homes" or "japanese homes" or any variation on that theme in any search engine you like. Good luck! -M
Thank you Mandylion ,i have checked out the bullets of the book and i feel they will become of great help to me,Have you ever tried decrating your room in this type of theme before?
No, I've never tried to take a western style room and turn it into a Japanese one. I can never satisfy myself as to the results. But I do wish you luck. Send pictures when you get it finsihed.

I think western rooms lend themselves towards Chinese styles more than Japanese (unless you are willing to take down walls and redo the size of your windows). But faced with a blank slate, western-style room, I would probably go for a colonial or georgian. IMHO these share a lot with Japanese styles; clean lines, objects being functional and beautiful (none of this bauhouse nonsense). But what do I know, this is only a hobby...
Hey i will send a pic as soon as i see what i want,But thanks i have already ordered the book if i havent told you already i went to a local Libary i saw alot of interesting stuff.
I noticed how plain the room would look if i made it directly the theme,But ill add a little something the i wanted to use in a long time.

Its like a wall of sticks and you can place them or attach them to anywhere and give a look like your walls are little wooden sticks.
Can you Imagine it?🍜
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