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Death Before Dishonor


10 Dec 2003
What does this tattoo say? It's not mine, but the caption that was under it said that it meant "Death Before Dishonor"...
Is that what it means? If not, how do you write Death Before Dishonor in Japanese? I know there are a bunch of different ways to write it, and I would likt to know a couple of them...



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First of all, this is Chinese, so the first two don't make sense. The second two 不屈 mean indomitable in Japanese (not bending). As for Death before Dishonor 不名誉よりも死を is the only one I know in Japanese (death more than dishonor).
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Originally posted by Elizabeth
As for Death before Dishonor 不名誉よりも死を
That's correct. :cool:

寧死不屈 is 寧ろ死すとも屈せず. This is the old-fashioned phrase.
The meaning is たとえ死んだとしても(たとえ死ぬとしても)
The true meaning : "負けるくらいなら、死ぬほうがましだ。"

I haven't confidence about writing in English. :cry: If any,correct errors.🙇
"Even if I die, I will never surrender."
"Even if you kill me, I will never bow the knee to you."
"Better dead than lost."
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