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10 Dec 2002
Check out my web site... it will be totally translated in japanese by weeks end but right now it is just English.. it is a photo driven web site.. pictures of Japan and LA.. hope you guys like it.. send me a e-mail.


I will have interviews starting next month I have already conducted 4 of them... let me know if you are interested if you live in the LA area... we will have 1 guy and 1 girl interview a month.

Hi Joshua, and welcome to the forum!

Beautiful page you got there. I just got lost in your photo section, very interesting! Have you been on homestay? Feel free to submit your site to our link directory.

No I have never stayed in Japan longer than a few weeks. Although I have been to japan 3 times... currently I love photography and would love to work in Japan once I get tired of my job in Los Angeles.

I think I tried to add my site to search engines, but I am not sure.

The motivation behind the interviews will be to have a little media (pictures and video of the person) and funny question, the people that I interview are all normal like you and me.

please keep the comments rolling !

thank you
I'll definitely drop by again, please keep us posted about your interviews.
Hi there Joshua🙂 I really enjoyed all the pics, exciting and the comments you made yourself where greatly amusing lol🙂 keep up the good work!
my site is now japanese and english

my site now is browsable in english and japanese
(but the japanese is buggy for the next few days)

Its a photo and Interview web site, our first interview is with Nawo taginawa

Check out my photos too, and give me any comments!!


Thank you
Re: just updated my site :)

Originally posted by joshua dearing
I put in 2 new Albums.. they are the top 2 in the photos section

and I have 2 new interviews



Joshua Dearing

I seriously hope I run into you on the streets one of these days, keep all your isht*** over at photokyo and tell Chris and Niku they have the same fate coming to them.


Originally posted by joshua dearing
?? what are you talking about? I do not understand what you are saying.

have a great day!

Ask at photokyo who I am, when you first started posting there remember how they thought you were a different Josh?

Ask them about me, I can't wait to run up on those kids again and finish what I should have done.

Originally posted by joshua dearing
ok.. sure I will ask.. :)

If you run into ME on the street I would greet you kindly.


I just hate any of the photokyo-krew so if your not part of it then don't worry about getting messed up.

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