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Dead or Alive 3!!! Do ya like it?^^


19 Jun 2003
I love Dead or Alive 3, my favs are Hayabusa, Hayate, Jann Lee and of cause Kasumi and Ayane. 😊

Post everything to this topic! 🙂
i play with them all, but lei fang been my mane girl since the saturn days -- loving that pounce!
DOA 3 rocks!! i cant wait till DOA online, DOA Code Chronus, and Ninja Gaiden come out!

Oh and DOAX: beach volleyball is great too.
Go Go Ninja Gaiden!!!! Go Go Hayabusa!!! Go Go DOA!!!! 🙂
...the animation company (Team Ninja) is my fav!!!
yes NG should be out.... but it isn't yet.... >>Hey guys from the programming team -- hurry the f**** up!!!<<
they are trying to make a mgs or something probably -- it's understandable i guess
DOA3 is an excellent game =P graphics are brillant, Kasumi is by fat the best =D
Originally posted by jeisan
lei fang is my fav.

yea i like how lei fang has the whole innocent thing going. she is like a kitten with really sharp deadly nails.
Originally posted by x2468
i want to see who they put as kasumi ... and christie

thats not a real pic up there, that kid just used a paint program to color her hair purple and eyes brown. poorly at that, its why her forehead is purple as well.
oh, i didn't see that was her forhead.

oh well, himura is right, she is still damn cute.
The game is good, but doa 2 is all almost the same. The only different thing is the theatre mode, and that's pointless because you could go and doaxvb you no the volley ball game.
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