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15 Mar 2002
ok:confused: now, ive been told that the dbz movies (i.e. world's strongest) are either, fake, or just don't work with the story line, can anyone clear this up for me?!:mad:

ps. I just love this site!👏

fake? as in what way?

don't fit the story line .... hmmm ... possibly, I've never seen a DBZ movie but I'll ask the pro's I know. Could be that movies split from the main story line just be different and to help movie attendance numbers.
yeah the 1st movie is the only one that could actually fit into the storyline the rest are just like little sidetracks. basicly the movies are their own universe, e.g gohan has that little dragon guy in the movies but not in the series. anything done in the movies has no effect on the series.
Actually, I thought that Gohan has Iccalus(the dragon) in the series. The purple dragon, that is. I think it was in the Frieza saga, or was it before they went to Planet Namek? *confused*
i know he had it in the movies prior to and after the namek/freiza sagas. but i dont remember it in the actual series. though iccaris might have been around during the garlic junior thing which on all accounts doesnt really fit into the series itself. also gohan played with some dragons/dinosaurs as the great saiyaman.
Some of the movies kinda fit weirdly in the mainstory line. Cooler's revenge sorta fits. Cooler is Frieza's brother who comes to earth to get revenge on Goku. And in this one Gohan is a wimp, i mean he took on Frieza hardcore before and now he is gettin whopped by Cooler's henchman
:confused: 😲
who are easily disposed off by Piccolo. also the dragon Iccarus i beleive is in and so is Krillin and the pig and Puar

what i found funny about the entire series is how many characters are named after food items....gohan, yamucha (dim sum), freeza (ok, it houses foods)....etc....
yuh and all the saiya-jin names are vegetables, kakkarot - carrot, brolly - brocolli, raditz - radish. and then the ginyu (milk) force butter, cheese, cream. ooh and oolong tea ... almost every name has some other meaning, most food releted.
The only thing that sucks about the dubbed is that the they kinda changed Bra's name to Bulla. Here's my opinion on the names:

You know how Bra is pronounced Bu-ra? When you say it fast enough, it sounds just like "bra". Well, it kinda sounds the same in English. But---it's seperated into "Bu-lla". If that was said fast enough, it sounds like "blah". As in, blah, blah, blah.

How about that?
lol yeah, it should be since bulma is meant to be bloomers and her dad is Dr. Briefs. so she would have to have some sort of underwear name. these dubbers just dont know enough. also the should kept satans name too. i loved that announcer yelling "MISTAAAAA SATAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!" hercule pfft
Hey! Do you think Mr. Satan sounds the same---annoying---in bother Japanese and English? Another thing: will Cartoon Network ever show DragonBall GT?
i like his japanese voice. actually i like his charactor, how hes all stupid and comical. especially in budokai.
actually i think i saw a GT clip in one of their montages. also with the popularity still high, they would be fools not to ride the dragon ball gravy train to its conclusion.
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