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Day Break


22 Nov 2002
Okay.. I've heard two Day break songs, both from Ayashi no Ceres. However, I've had no luck in finding anything else. I can't even find a website about them! Neither hmv japan or cdjapan have any more than their 2 singles that I've already heard. I'm sure I saw one of their albums a while back in the Japan centre (London) but didn't buy it due to lack of funds.

Why can't I find out anything about this band!?

CD-Japan claims they were a mysterious unit...
That usually means there are big names involved.
Not sure. I don't think they have released anything new in the last 2 years.
I've never heard of this band actually. What do they sound like?
Ummm.. the 2 songs from Ayashi no ceres have been described as "typical jrock" whatever that is. I can send you a track if you like.. just tell me where.
Well, then i guess it was a one hit wonder.
You might want to look up some information about the writers of the song: Yuriko Mori and Ryo Sakai. They specialize in writing music for animテゥ-series. They're bound to have more songs on their name.
Mmm.. 1 hit wonder is the most likely option (or 2 hit wonder!)... but that makes no sense as to why I saw an album of theirs in a shop here. I'm gonna go see if I can find it today while I'm up there. Shall check out the song writers anyway and see what else they've written for different arists.

Thanks again.
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