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5 Aug 2003
I'm used to month / day / year so this day / month / year thing is REALLY throwing me off, is there anyway I change how it displays on my computer?
haha, i use dd:mm:yyyy
so i dont have any probs with it, i dont know if u can change it in windows. if so it's prolly in the installation. i don't know any other way to do it, oh, now i found it, but im using win XP... well anyways, you go to My computer, then u take "kontrollpanelen" dunno what it's in english , prolly settings or something, then u take date, time, and national settings---> change format for numbers, dates and moments ---> adjust (or something like that on the first page) then you go to date

Pewh, that was some work, i need to improve my english skills, and perhaps install WIN Xp english on a computer :p
i have one extra that only stands in a corner and collects dust :D
Oh sorry if I wasn't clear, I didn't mean on my computer like on Windows, but I mean't on this forum on my computer. Like next to the threads it says the date of the last reply that's what I want to change the format of.

Oh and "kontrollpanelen" = "Control Panel" in English hehe.
We are using the European date format here at the forum. Unfortunately, I can set the date only globally.
very funny, but true jbm1x, it is controll panel, but i didn't think that it was that simpel since i haven't used the english windows for so many months, when the swedish copy of win XP was released on the net i had it, since then i have forgotten a little about what things are named in is, for one exemple, in swedish "My Computer" is called "Den hテ、r datorn" wich translated back to english meens "this computer" so, there are some small differences. it's not possible to be all certain all teh time
thomas: i see =/ i'll just have to get used to it, by the way when you look at japanese dates do you see like 8 (gatsu) 6 (nichi) or is it backwards also?

picardo: that's interesting, i'd like to see a japanese version of windows, wonder what recycle bin would be called, because they have seperate bins in their houses for different recycleable items lol
you can change 'recycle bin' to whatever you like, it just takes some messing about in your registry. which really isnt recommended becuase you can kill your computer if you mess up.
it's no danger playing with the registry, just DO NOT leave anything un-copied that is important, och move it to a safe place in the computer, if windows dies just reinstall it... windows is idiot friendly as long as you have a bootable cd, thats one of a cupple advantages with windows
true, i dont even worry about it when i go in, but then again i know what im doing for the most part and i dont mess with much either.
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