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6 Mar 2003
If you could see it within your hearts to allow users to set the date format as they prefer, I would be most grateful. It hurts my brain to look at dates in european-style... I personally prefer yyyy-mm-dd.
The date format is set globally, so I am afraid it can't be changed on a per-user basis. I never intended to cause brain damage, but I am using the European time format all over the site. Welp, that's the price of globalisation.

But this is a site about Japan, right? So how about following the date format that Japan does? (Can't blame me for trying...)

Oh, well, I'm sure I'll get used to it. Thanks for the reply.

Are you suggesting we should introduce the Imperial Era date format:

EYY-MM-DD => Heisei14-03-06

I think that's not PHP-compatible.

How about the star date they use in Star Trek? I just found a Javascript converting our date format to star date:

=> Cut & Paste Star Trek Date

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