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dark water

i really liked Dark Water. Little girls are very scary. I didnt like it at first but I have changed my opinion.

See it!

If you'd compare this one to The Ring (or ringu), which one is better? Is the dark water scary?
I have only seen the american version of the ring, and I have to admit that I have never been more spooked out of _any_ movie I have seen. I usually don't get that frightened about what I see,but this one really caused me some problems.. :) (maybe it's just that I feel old photographs,dark colors,silence or odd voices, psychic horror etc is much much more scarier than for example chopping heads off from people...I think that's just disgusting.)
I just haven't had the courage yet to go and buy this on dvd,unfortunately they won't show this film on theaters here in Finland..
Which one is better... I don't know. I like both. Dark Water is also an interesting movie on situation of women in Japan, if you want to read all the layers in the movie... It wasn't scary to me... but Ring wasn't either. In fact, the American version of Ring was more scary to me than the Japanese one, even though I find the Japanese one a better movie! I already knew the plot, as I saw the Japanese one first, but I was getting nervous watching the American version... probably that has something to do with the way the Americans show emotions... I probably am more used to this, so it works like a mirror... It was like my emotions were working paying no attention to what "my mind" was thinking :)
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