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Dark & Gothic In Japan????


24 Dec 2003
hello everyone...I'm new to this forum.
I'm Morrigan (from Italy) and I'm looking for Japanese gothic webzines and magazines where to promote the latest THE SAND release on CD "THE MEMORY OF DEAD ROMANCES".
The Sand is a gothic rock one-man band very 80 style: actually is composed by my husband only!
I write the lyrics and do the promotional stuff...I wanted to send the promo to Japanese webzines or magazines or radio but I can't find anything like this because it's all in Japanese and I can't read it!:confused:
The official website is www.thesand.net and contains free mp3 downloads from "the Memory of dead Romances"😍

Pls, can anyone in here help me?

Thank you in advance!!!🌹
Bonjour no! I`ll give you a recognition for having a gothic band to promote. *claps: bene bene!* and I can only wish you good luck. I wish I could help you, but I can`t. So there, good luck! Arrivederci.
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