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Dancing Japanese robots


13 Oct 2003
Holy... crap... (see video attached)

Watch the whole thing and be amazed!

Does anyone want to guess how much one of those things cost? 🙂


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Thats amazing!!!! I really want one!! hehe.. I liked it when they started doing the Haka thing near the end. ace ace!

I've seen this around, yet it's not getting much attention. Surprising. :/ It looks awesome though, if it's real.^_^ Oh great, now I have this song stuck in my head. XD And just a guess, but notice that the entire cieling above the table of which they're standing on is cut out, and I think I even see a person up there, perhaps with sticks and strings? :p But right now it's just fun. *Dances*
Yeah, I see this around a lot. It's pretty cool. :) I want to see more of it!
Thanks for the Sony link, btw.
That has to one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time! I want one! May be I can teach it to square dance! LOL
Eh, I wasn't THAT amazed... That probably cost a lot more than it should have.

C'mon, Sony... dancing? You know better than that... make 'em fight! MAKE 'EM FIGHT!!
Point well taken. In the words of the Barenaked Ladies,

"It's all been done,
it's all been done,
it's all been done before..."
Those things are darkside, we could use them in our DJ sets for sure.

Does anyone know how much they are and when they are goin to come out?
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