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Dahlia tour ? or the last live ?

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18 Sep 2002
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hi all ..ive orderd X JAPAN - dahlia tour cos some of ma friends told me its better..
so i want to know ur comments about both of them ... cos maybe i will buy also the last live .. but because its expansive i want to see ur comments :)
Heh, a true fan buys all, no matter what the cost.
I can't do any comparison, because i haven't seen the Last live yet, but i reccon it's definately something you should see.
I sincerely regret that i only discovered this band after they broke up. I'd give anything to have seen them play live.
THE LAST LIVE is better. Seriously, get THE LAST LIVE ist better and very dramatic.
I would buy both, but if i couldnt efford both, i would get the Last Live first, the get the Hide Glasses at the same time ^_^
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