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Daemon Kogure


15 Nov 2002
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Daemon Kogure is a Japanese metal rock lead singer of the band Seikima-II (seikimatsu = the end of the millennium, usually the time of doom for most doomsayers)

A hundred thousand years ago,
When the gods ruled the universe,the world was a peaceful and friendly place. One day,as usual,old men went to cut glass in the mountains and old women went to the river to do the washing. Suddenly,it became pitch black and lightning flashed through the sky. A family of Demons appeared. The demons went about destroying and killing everuthing and everyone in sight,and even worked their evil on the gods. This angered the mightiest god,Zeus,who trapped the Demons and kept them confined in the dark and silent country of Yottsnheim. And the world again became a happy place,until the twentieth century. Zeus had grown weak with passing of time. The Demons,asleep for thousands and thousands of years,awoke. They came this time to live among the people while secretly preparing to take over the earth. And now -in 1986- the Demons appeared in their real form. They named themselves Seikima-II and took their satanic teaching to the world. In 1999,mankind will be destroyed and the earth will fall into Satan's hands. It's a sight you must not watch alone -so terrible,so horrible. All of you here this sight are lucky. All you need do to survive is offer your bodies and minds to the devil's world. Now join with the high Demon! Death to those who are not come here!

actual website now: http://www.demon-kogure.jp/index0.html


discography: http://www.demon-kogure.jp/works/index.html

Live shows: http://www.demon-kogure.jp/live/index.html

I guess he'll have an engrish site up soon according to this illo:

He was on Larry King once, and he had many funny Fuji Film commercials in Japan, usually out of character as he tries to help his "daughter" in the commercial to get funky pictures using the disposable camera...although I wasn't a fan of his music, his interviews were pretty interesting...all laughing at the follies of mankind and how he is just waiting for mankind to finally bow down before his rule....he's a funny guy despite the makeup...
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