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cute japanese names


4 May 2003
What are the cutest, girl and boy, names you've heard that are Japanese (pets)?

I want my new pet stuffed panda (like kana) to have a Japanese name)


I've never heard a Japanese name that wouldn't be cute or beautiful... I guess the language is just so beautiful .. :)
Kaori is one of the best.


P.S. Kisu,have you lived in Finland etc? I'm just wondering about your nickname,and your cute avatar, Kisu. Kisu=kitten in finnish :)
hehe really? kisu=kitten? kawaii!!
no i didnt know taht or go to finland

ki is the first character in my first name su is the first character in my last name ^^ and its sorta like kiss in japanese so i did that =P

yea i love the name kaori ^^

I like name-wise, 'Maiko' , 'Satoka' alot and for guys it has to be something street-fighter-ish like 'Ryu' hehehe.

i found one!

thank you tiger! I picked....




I took the momo but added ko to make it cuter!


WowWow! I'm honored! I'll tell my cat immediately that she has a panda namesake. Do you know "momo" is peach kisu? So your panda would be 桃子 or "peach child". She is hiding somewhere at the moment because my neighbor's kids were playing with hanabi (fireworks).

yup! thats why i think its cute peach child ^^

thank you oh great cat momo!

dunno what name could be cute / pretty, cause i'd have to say that the whole language is quite nice, thoug i dont know how the prenounsation works in it compared with the spelling for our signs, cause when i hear a name and see it in text, they sound VERY diffrent
I would say Sakura is kind of a cute name. Knew a girl named Sakura from Japan. Real cutie like her name. :)
Hai I am new here and this is the first post I'm responding to
I have 3 soon to be 4 build a bears and here are the names.
Ushio Mirajane, Teito Mikage, Reiki Minatsuki (a panda) and Ukyou Shinikki. Mina is the nickname of my panda, and Minatsuki has something to do with the moon. I recently got a male panda and a small baby panda and I'm looking for names too.
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