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Crazy Kitty Girl "Meow"
3 Nov 2003
Here are some cute cat pics that i found. Dont know the site so I cant link. Sorry but I'm gonna have to post a few times to get all the pictures out. Hey if you have any kind of cute animal pics post em here.


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that chillin cat looks kinda off there...
anyways that only kitty pic i can think of is this one
I know it isn't a cat, but this is too cool. This is my dog, Goliath, aka Big Pimpin'


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I wonder cuz shot glasses are really tiny. Aww look how cute is the kitty being groomed. See cats and dogs do get along.


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This mouse is smart if I only I knew if his plan was a success.


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Originally posted by Keiichi
How did the kitty get in the cup!? o_O Or did someone force him/her in there? o_O


if the cat stays in the cup for long time,
the bones' shape of the cat will change and the cat will be shaped like the cup,I have seen pictures of these kind of things.

I wish I had that many cats too! This is just a photo someone else posted on another site, and I liked it so much I thought I would share it with everyone here. The little kitten (the Maine Coon) far in the back looks exactly like a cat I used to have!! He was just like a person! Unfortunately, he died last June, and I am still broken up about it. Died from a brain tumor, but he lived to be 11, which isn't bad. I still have two other cats, though.

I tried to post another really cute photo I have, but it was too large. That's why there is a post that simply says "Edited"--it wouldn't let me delete it! I have another version of it that has words across the photo, but maybe I'll post it anyway, because it is just adorable!!

i used to have a maine coon too, he was the softest kitty in the world and he ate pizza but sadly i left him at my moms while i was moving and he took off never to be heard from again...

oh i took care of your 'edited' post
Oh how sad, Jeisan! I'm sure you miss him. Everyone I have ever talked to who has had a Maine Coon has commented about their being so much like people!! They actually carry on conversations with people ... and they are so smart! And you're right--they are soooo soft.

[BTW, thanks for taking care of my messed up post!!]
Oh i should keep that in mind when I move out and can get as many cats as I want. My mom will go insane with more than one. Its hard to imagine a cat carrying a conversation. Now I want a maine coon and I also want a siamese cuz they are great lap cats. That pic is so cute I wouldnt mind a hug from them. I have a tabby cat he is sooo cute. He's 8 years old but still going strong. I dont know what I'd do without him. He's like my brother since I'm an only child. Satori I'm sorry to hear bout your cat that must have been tough *hug*
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