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29 Aug 2017
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Hello JREF!

Learning a language on single-player is hard, no one to discuss findings and oddities with. Although Japanese is a pretty popular choice for westerners and it can be pretty easy to find what I'm looking for, it's not always met with a comprehensive or informative answer for someone with a drive to approach a language in a detail-oriented manner. Oversimplification defeats us all!

So, I sought out a forum to post to and hopefully discuss with you all things about Japan and Japanese language. I am happy to be here.

My interest in Japan is not particularly unique or personalized anymore, being generally curious about the world. But to deny it being one of the first cultures I spent more time learning about than average would be incorrect. Probably like many, this came by way of anime that, at the time, was popular in the west. After going through some weird phases, I became more interested in modern culture as a whole (but traditional culture, too, is also exciting of course). One of my favorite things to look around at is the Japanese side of the Internet.

I have no real interest in moving to Japan and a visit is unlikely, though.

Thank you for reading.
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