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15 Apr 2002
With sumnmer comes Japanese Matsuri (festivals)

The festivals are similar to country fairs in the States.
minus the rides and the animals

Matsuris on the basic level, are mini-shrine festivals where stalls are put up to sell cotton candy, candy apples, crepes, okonomiyaki, yakitori and such. Games include cork pop guns, string pulls, lottery tickets, darts, much like you find at home.
Also, their are stalls that just sell goods, masks, idol posters and goodies, and what ever the current chinese toy of the year. Last year was blow up animals that hug you called #daku-chan#

Matsuri can also be as big as the multi-million vistor events such as the Gion matsuri in Kyoto which include rambling through the streets with rolling shrines.

Sapporo's claim to fame is the recent "yosakoi soran" dance / parade which occurs conveniently at the same time as the Sapporo Matsuri.

Yosakoi-saoran Matsuri is actually an adapation from Kochi. This festival was started by a local university student who wanted to bring the power and energy he saw down south to Sapporo. Today the festival draws hundreds of dance teams dancing to pounding bass beats and walls of speakers that are transported on the back of trucks around down-town Sapporo.

If you ever did wish to come to Sapporo I definitely can recommend this festival. It's truly amazing and fun to watch.

Yosakoi soran matsuri :emoji_laughing:

just like the smileys :emoji_wink:
Hehe, that was very interesting. I've heard about the Ice Fstival in Sapporo, but I wasn't aware of the fact that summer's so hot up there too.

I had the chance to see the Hachinohe Nebuta Matsuri. It is not as big as the festival held in Aomori, but it was fun. Nebuta Matsuri takes place in the first week of August, there's lots of dancing and of course the famous Nebuta figures, huge grim-faced warriors.

Festivals in Japan mean
:gulp: 😍:sing:
I'd really like to see the night time NEBUTA Matsuri!

I just can't remember the name of the festival in Aomori (???) where the dancers wear straw hats and twists their fingers and wrists above their heads.

This festival is also supposed to be very good!

@Summer in Sapporo
Temps hit a high of 30+

Lots of folks vacation during the Summer up here in Hokkaido. Hokkaido isn't just great skiing and pretty clean air.

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