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Cultural Gap


9 Dec 2003
Hi! Gyes,

It's really an interesting place....

Since I was a student in college, my school tended to force us to learn Japanese. Unfortunately, I forget most of it already
:p Taiwan, where had been occupied by Japan for almost 50 years since it was ceded to Japanese government from the hand of china's last dynasty - Qing Dynasty.

The older general in Taiwan such as my grandmother and grandfather were lived in the contral of Japan during thier chilhood. During that period of time, Taiwanese and Mandarin were prohibited in the school. Japanese came to the official language, therefore, teaching students in the class was through Japanese. Thus my grandmother cannot recognize chinese characters but can speak and write Japanese very well.

The different feeling toward Japanese....

Interesting! But that's how it works. No one wants to do anything if forced to do. As for me, they make me study Swedish in Finland because Swedish is also a second language here. It's not that I dislike Swedish but I'd love to study Japanese and Chinese instead. However, there's nothing I can do. I can cope with studing Swedish and I'm almost at the end of my Swedish studies.

And just out of curiosity icon007_1, how did you end up reading Japanese language forum? 🙂
Indeed ppl...I am forced to learn Arabic as a third language here in the USA, and I am interested in Japanese. I wanna go to Tokyo University when I get to college...but I am almost done with my language course... lol.
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