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Culinary Part Time Job In Japan for Foreign


16 Jun 2013
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I am currently doing Cert III in Commercial Cookery In Australia, and planing to go to Japan next January.
And i am trying to find a part time job whilst im there.
I can speak fluent English and Indonesian and some Korean and Japanese.
Need Advise Please?! And is there somewhere I can get a job??
Thankyou in Advance.


Just me
20 Aug 2003
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#1, what sort of visa will you have/get?
As an Aussie, you could get a working holiday visa (if eligible) and work PT or FT. No other visa will let you do that (unless you are a student or cultural activities visa holder and get special permission).

Work visas are not for part-time work.

"Some Japanese".
Probably not good enough unless you work in a restaurant that mostly uses English.

If you want to be a chef, you'll need 10 years of experience first to get a skilled labor visa for that line of work. See last link here.
Application for Certificate of Eligibility
The applicant must fall under any of the following categories and must receive no less remuneration than would a Japanese national for comparable work.

(i) A person who is to engage in the duties of preparing cuisine or producing foodstuffs that require skills which were devised overseas and that are foreign to Japan, and who falls under any of the following categories (except a foreign national as listed in item (ix)).

(a) A person with at least 10 years' experience using such skills (including the period of time spent studying at an educational institution in a foreign country while majoring in subjects related to the relevant preparation of cuisine or production of foodstuffs)
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