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15 Nov 2002
of C-kos or perhaps the students are smart enough to know the tests are being run by a bunch of c-kos...
I'm using c-ko as a generic term for people who insist on remaining ignorant or foolish when a better alternative exists if they would attempt to actually think once in a while....and yes, it's based on an anime character by the same name...

I find the flaw here is that most young people I've seen, although less articulate and do not think as critically as their US counterparts, are more outspoken than their parents or the older generations ever were. The whole testing environment in Japan is messed up, to begin with, so I find that the test itself may be flawed...

But to be fair, I also believe that the US education system is also messed up now with the special agendas and politically correct crap and the watering down of science because of the same special agendas currently going on these days...
I think this is partly to do with a culture clash that is arising in Japanese Education. Traditionally, it is not considered polite to express one's own opinion forcefully in Japan. Indeed it could be said that to have an opinion can be unusual in some situations. Instead it is better to concede to the will of a group. Thus many decisions in Japan (especially in business) are made by concensus, which can often take a long time to reach.

However, for some time now, examinations in western countries have been looking for more than just a candidates ability to memorize and recall facts and figures. Instead they want reasoned opinion and the ability to think through a problem. As Japanese exams start to follow this trend, students are being asked to demonstrate an ability that is somewhat alien to them. That is, expressing their own view on a subject. I think this at least accounts for some of the problems that are occurring.

This was my favorite line from the story.

"But the ministry also said the overall result was satisfactory as in most study subjects the actual percentage of correct answers was the same as the ministry estimated or higher."

Between 25 and 54% non-response rate on certian questions was deemed "satisfactory" because it met their expectations?

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