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Crayon Shin-chan


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14 Mar 2002
Has anyone (apart from longtime residents of Japan) watched the TV show Shin-chan? Despite initial resentments (also due to its simplistic artwork) I started to like that little rascal, hehe. Crayon Shin-chan proved to be one of the most popular anime/manga series.

KikuTV's show description:

Crayon Shinchan
Described as Japan's answer to Bart Simpson, Shin-chan Nohara is the much loved -- and much feared -- 5-year-old son of a typical young couple living in a typical Tokyo suburb. Since debuting in April 1992, "Crayon" has become one of Japan's most-watched TV series in history.
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I'm mr. elephant.
lololololo .... loved his impression of how an elephant compares. hehehe, both trunks do spew liquids ;)
I've read that the Shin-chan had caused a lot of turmoil among Japanese parents due to the rude language and behaviour involved. I do believe that the series had a sociocritical function, just like the earlier Simpsons.
hahahahahaha! no it isn't :)

the manga is being released by comics one...
i got smells like unkokusai on fansubbed
When I first saw Shin-chan years ago, I thought it was hilarious. Something has changed since then, though. The other day, we were watching one of those old tapes of Shin-chan that my inlaws sent from Japan, and I had to turn it off. His voice, the parents(especially the mother)--everything was irritating the hell out of me. I found myself almost yelling at the TV, "just sit on the little brat!"...even though it's just a cartoon... :eek:
I haven't seen the series for quite a few years alerady but I still remember how all their voices sounded like after watching so many episodes. Pretty funny stuff. :)
J-version of Beavis and the other dude.... :D
I guess if you liked Shin-chan, then you'd probably have liked Tsuiden Tonchinkan when it was still on the air....although the manga version was equally brain damaging... :D

Personally, I like Nippon Mukashi Banashi...because of the folk tales it reveals....in the simplistic animated format....

but to each their own.....there are so many different genres of manga/dorama based on manga/ and anime based on manga out there that it's hard to keep track.....
I've watched most of the episodes in cantonese, i've watched the movies too ^^ Apparently, my mum loves it!
i want some benkabon
saw some jarinko chie over there on cable
and some sazae san here
My aunt bought the boxed series for me from Japan as a gift (She knew that I liked anime, you see). After reading the first few pages of the manga at a local bookstore, I can openly say that I am hardly tempted to open the DVDs. Perhaps I'll donate it to some deformed pervert.

I hope I'm not offending anyone with this post, but I truly, truly dislike Shin-chan Crayon.
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