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Cowboy Bebop (2003)


3 Nov 2002

Synopsis: 2071 A.D. Planet Mars. On the eve Halloween, a tanker explodes killing and injuring more than 500 people on a freeway in the crater of Alba City. The damage extends beyond one kilometer from the center of explosion. The use of biological or chemical weapon is heavily suspected. The reward is W300,000,000.00 (Mars currency) to find out the perpetrator. Short of funds as usual, the crew of the Bebop is lured into the investigation by the staggering amount of money they could possibly receive for being able to accurately point the blame. They start a search on their own, and so begins the adventures of the young slacker, Spike Spiegel, and his cohort, the ex-cop, Jet Black, leading their gang of bounty hunters on the trail of an elusive nemesis.

Genre(s): Animated Foreign
Rating: MPAA R
Runtime: 107 mins.

Distributor(s): Independent Distribution Partnership (IDP)
Theatrical Release: 04/04/2003
Video Release: Not available

sOuRcE: http://www.hollywood.com/movies/detail/movie/1113263
Knocking on Heaven's Door was a great movie, and I'm glad it's getting its due by being presented in theatres worldwide. Even if you've never seen the Bebop series, the movie as a stand-alone is still at the peak of entertainment and animation quality.

I would have to list it as one of my top 10 anime movies of all time, for its consistency with the Bebop flavor and notch up in animation even from the quality of the TV series.
AWESOME! i hope it comes near me before i leave for japan! i always thought the series was amazing, with every episode having animation quality better than many movies i've seen. and the movie was great too. plus, all that KICKASS music! bebop has always been one of my all time favorites.
Bebop Rules!

I'm going to see it tonight, so I will give my critique ASAP.
My review...

Well... I saw the movie and let me tell you that I am quite satisfied with the effort. The Cowboy Bebop movie is even more than I had anticipated. The original artists remain true to their stylings, and the voice-over artists are the same as in the anime series. As expected the plot was a bit of a deviation from the conclusion of the anime series, yet I was delighted to see that Edward and Ein were reunited with the team and included in the cast of the movie. I won't give away the really great, often quite esoteric portions of the movie, nor it's ending, but I will advise that you remain seated throughout the credits at the end of the movie in order to see the final (hidden) scene.
I never saw the movie, but I've seen trailers of the movie. From the looks of it, it should be cool.

i'm a big bebop fan and i can't wait to see the movie. that's why i already have my copy preodered for June 24, the release for the movie.
If you liked the serie, you are gonna love the movie, and as Shinmeiryu said, it's a great stand alone, since you don't need to have seen the serie to enjoy it.

The butterflies, the butterflies... :D
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