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Court halts weekly over story on Tanaka daughter


17 Jan 2004
The latest issue of Shukan Bunshun was removed from newsstands Wednesday after the Tokyo District Court ordered a temporary injunction barring the sale of the Japanese-language weekly magazine.


A kiosk clerk at Tokyo Monorail Co.'s Hamamatsucho Station looks over a stack of magazines, including an issue of Shukan Bunshun (foreground) that was on stands despite a temporary court injunction banning its sale.

The flap was over an article on the divorce of Diet member Makiko Tanaka's eldest daughter.

The injunction, likely to trigger debate on privacy vs. freedom of the press, prompted railway station kiosks nationwide to remove copies of the magazine's March 25 edition even though it had already sold out at a number of stations during the early morning rush hours.

Japan Times
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