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Cosplay band?


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15 Mar 2002
I'm always looking at the CD-Japan website to find out about new cd-releases. Now they are mentioning Psycho le Cemu on the frontpage and they call them a cosplay band. I'm not sure if they made this up themselves, but it is an interesting development.

What would distinguish a cosplay band from a real visual kei band? Cosplay is a common sight at anime-conventions where the fans of certain series would dress up like their favorite character. But this term is also applied to fans of visual kei bands who dress up like the bandmembers.

Are then outfits of the members of Psycho le Cemu perhaps not original creations? Maybe the fact that they obviously put quite a lot of emphasis into dressing up got them the cosplay tag, but then Dir en Grey should also get that tag. I somehow don't think their fans will buy it, though. So is this cosplay tag perhaps misplaced?
Anybody got any thoughts on this?
I saw this band mentioned in issue 2 of Newtype USA, playing at the culmination of a cosplay street parade, so I guess the difference between them and a Visual-Kei band is that they have different audiences. From what I can tell, both Visual-Kei and cosplayers are absolute obssessives, so I guess both groups of people want their own genre of music and ignore the similarities between the two. Genre tags always make things more confusing, I think. That's why I name bands rather than musical genres when asked about my tastes. Cosplayers and Visual-Kei fanatics obviously aren't as easy going. . .

But what do I know - I've never even listened to a Visual-Kei band. Bands with gimmicky images put me off. All the Western bands I can think of which are like that are rubbish - Kiss, Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, Insane Clown Posse. Give me good honest hardcore anyday - you won't find Hatebreed in wigs and high heels any time soon. I hope. . .

And having said all gimmicky Western bands are rubbish, allow me to introduce the exception to the rule, my friend's band, Seasons End. Or is it Season's End. . .

absolutly NOT my friend ..i know a fair amout of TRUE things about PLC because i asked them myself in person in front of their face! for they were just at Akon15 !! and i went backstage.

*ahem. their costumes are 110% their own design. they each design their own costumes.Daishi said so. [Daishi is the vocalist} *cough. they ARE what we would call a cosplay band. but they do not actually cosplay anime character. they are called that because of the way their outfits look.they look like anime costumes..right? [i put newer pix] ano-to this conclusion. they said at the press confrence that they like to think of their band as a RPG game. they gave theirselves parts in that. Daishi[v] is always the Bishonen or Hero. Yura-sama[Dr,V,Dance] is always the wizard or preist. Seek is always the monster. Aya[G,Dance] is always the princess. and Lida[G]...lol.acording to what Daishi told us,is always whatever is left over. :p which is usually a ninja..or ...dragon type things.. i dunno,leftovers.

ne way-you get me


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I havent read in detail the replies, so forgive me if I sound redundant. Or dont forgive me. Either way...

Cosplay band is PLC, no doubt. Its the style of dress vs. sonic progression. Visual kei is a different artform than cosplay. What defines either is cosplay is more fantasy-ish, whereas visual kei is more operatic/androgynous.

Some will argue that there are similarities in the two forms, and while there are, its not enough to the point to catagorize them in the same area. For instance, cosplay bands utilize FAR more para para interactions with their audience, and the music itself is a margin different than the norm of the sonic influences of visual kei artists. In short, Cosplay bands are more 'user friendly' whereas visual kei bands tend to go the '18 and up' route...or at least, they try to.
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